Last Updated on November 14, 2022

Freedom Caucus Rep. Andy Biggs (AZ-5) is expected to announce that he’s challenging Rep. Kevin McCarthy (CA-20) to be the next Speaker of the House, amidst a massive backlash from conservative voters and legislators alike, directed at the failures of Kevin McCarthy and his fellow GOP establishment members.

The announcement that Rep. Andy Biggs will run for Speaker of the House is expected in the coming days, as the GOP has secured a thin majority in the House of Representatives.

The majority comes in spite of the best efforts of the party’s leadership, like Kevin McCarthy, who pulled the GOP’s congressional campaign apparatus out of numerous competitive races, effectively surrendering the seats in Congress, and the votes that they carry, to the Democrats and to Joe Biden’s radical agenda.

Members of Congress will meet Tuesday for a leadership vote. In total, a single candidate for Speaker needs 218 votes to secure the post.


“All I’ll say at the moment is [Kevin] McCarthy doesn’t have 218 [votes], and there will be an alternative challenger,” Biggs spokesman Matthew Tragesser, reportedly told the Wall Street Journal in a text message.

While corporate media outlets like Fox News are claiming that McCarthy is a shoo-in to be the next Speaker of the House, Conservative voters and legislators alike have taken a hardline against electing Rep. Kevin McCarthy as Speaker, both before and after the recent midterm elections.

Among the top warnings being issued by those “in the know,” is that, if elected Speaker, McCarthy plans to enter into a “power sharing” agreement with Nancy Pelosi, something that would make conservative legislation dead on arrival.

In a recent appearance on the aforementioned corporate news network, Biggs signaled that McCarthy’s road to the Speaker’s gavel is far from being paved in gold.

“I would say, maybe not so fast,” Biggs told Fox News, calling for more of a public debate about who the next Speaker should be.

Despite the massive grassroots momentum behind a McCarthy alternative as the next Speaker of the House, questions linger over whether the Freedom Caucus will actually go through with it, and support Biggs for Speaker.

Alternatively, they could be cucked by GOP leadership, like when they fell for Paul Ryan’s charade and supported his bid for the post.

After he pulled the wool over the eyes of the Freedom Caucus, Ryan went on to massively obstruct 45th President Trump’s agenda, helping to leave Americans saddled with a Democrat-controlled Congress after the next election cycle, then leaving Washington and backing GOP establishment candidates, to re-fill the ranks.

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In addition to Andy Biggs’ expected announcement, a bombshell memo, which was exclusively published over the weekend by National File, explores multiple options for a House Speaker that isn’t Kevin McCarthy, including 45th President Trump.

Under the U.S. Constitution, the Speaker of the House does not actually have to be a Representative to Congress.

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