Last Updated on December 8, 2022

An Algerian migrant has been charged and accused of killing a 65-year-old French man who welcomed the migrant into his home in Vigneux-Sur-Seine.

The man was found dead early Tuesday morning in his home after the Algerian suspect called police shortly after 4 a.m. and said the pair had been in a dispute. Authorities found the 65-year-old dead upon arrival and believe that he was beaten to death, Breitbart News reported.

Police reported that the suspect was heavily intoxicated and was covered in blood when law enforcement arrived. The victim was found laying on the floor with significant fractures to his skull, Actu17 reported.

Attempts to resuscitate the victim were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead by paramedics on the scene. Police then arrested the Algerian man, who is now the main suspect in a homicide investigation.

Authorities are still trying to determine what the arrangement was between the two men and whether the Algerian migrant was paying for the accommodation or staying there free of charge.

The disturbing incident was reported just days after another migrant was put on trial in Paris for allegedly raping a French woman who had allowed him to stay at her home. The man, a Libyan national in his 30’s, had been living at the residence after meeting the woman at a party. She invited him to stay after she learned he had no permanent shelter and was currently living as a squatter.

According to the victim, the man became violent one evening after drinking heavily. He threatened her with a knife and stole her phone before proceeding to beat and rape her.

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