Matt Gaetz sent a stern message to Kevin McCarthy while speaking at Turning Point USA’s SAS conference Tuesday.

Rep. Gaetz (R-Fla.) told the crowds that all Republican members of Congress know that Rep. McCarthy (R-Calif.), who is running to be the House majority speaker, believes in nothing except money and power.

Gaetz admitted while America’s laws and Republicans’ tactics should change, it is of the utmost importance that Republican leadership changes.

“Our laws and our tactics must change. But some of our leaders must be changed too. Our ancestors, out of love of country, pledged their lives and their fortunes and their sacred honor,” Gaetz began.

“Is the best Congress can really do today pledging a vote for Mitch McConnell or Kevin McCarthy,” Gaetz asked, to which the crowd responded with jeers.

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“I’ve had enough Mc-failure. In football, when the team doesn’t win the games it’s supposed to win, they fire the coach. In business, when the company does not match its projected earnings then the board gets rid of the CEO. And, so in Republican politics maybe I’m not the crazy one if I say that the people who vastly underperformed expectations shouldn’t be promoted to third in line to the Presidency,” Gaetz continued.

The Florida rep. went on to say “every single Republican” knows McCarthy “believes in nothing except money and power.”

“I take no joy in sharing this with you but I’m going to tell you now what every single Republican member of Congress knows in their heart, whether they’ll admit it or not: Kevin McCarthy believes in nothing. I’m serious about that. Nothing except money and power, but he failed to deliver the power as promised,” Gaetz proclaimed.

“And he got plenty of money, some of it from Sam Bankman Fried. But he [McCarthy] believes in nothing and if we vote for him, neither do we,” Gaetz concluded, referencing McCarthy’s acceptance and expenditure of FTX funds.


National File previously reported on Kevin McCarthy’s usage of FTX money throughout the 2022 election cycle:

Throughout the midterm campaign season, GOP establishment leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) used his Congressional Leadership Fund political machine to inject massive amounts of cash into House races nationwide. In doing so, he targeted GOP primary races and even general elections vs. Democrats, in which America First conservatives, aligned with President Trump, were on the ballot.

Millions of dollars worth of the campaign money came straight from corrupt crypto exchange FTX and its top executives.

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McCarthy is set to face a tough Speakership election on January 3rd as bold House Republicans like Rep. Gaetz and others are beginning to rally the GOP against the California establishment figure.

Stay tuned to National File for any updates.

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