Last Updated on December 9, 2022

US Rep Bob Good (R-VA), an America First Conservative, is hammering US Rep Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), accusing him of directing funds to people who personally help McCarthy’s rise to power and ignoring or punishing people who don’t help McCarthy’s rise to power using the power of what is commonly referred to as “earmarks.”

According to Citizens Against Government Waste, an earmark is a line item in an appropriations bill that designates funds for a specific purpose in circumvention of normal budget procedures. Knowing how greedy many of our civil servants are, it is easy to understand the power of earmarks to whip votes for certain favors.

According to the Brookings Inst., earmarks were banished from DC a decade ago, reporting that the return was a favor to Biden to help him with his massive spending demands. “With the House GOP vote, Congress is set to bring back a practice that has been banned for the last decade: earmarks. As the House and Senate Appropriations Committees see the ascension of two new chairs, this long-used, often vilified practice is set to return to the legislative branch.”

Good recently alleged that if McCarthy becomes Speaker of the House, he won’t be focused on an America First agenda; instead, he will be focused on the “Kevin McCarthy First” agenda.

Good also mocked the media who is all of a sudden behind McCarthy and being good PR agents for him.

Listen to what he told John Frederick’s radio audience this week:

“McCarthy is the leader of Earmarks because he knows that he needs those earmarks to buy votes; that is why he didn’t stand with us to eliminate earmarks,” Good told radio host John Fredericks. “He hasn’t stood with us for two years in fighting against the COVID Vaccine mandate in the NDAA. Then, all of a sudden, he is now. But John, when you think about those who are supporting Kevin McCarthy and those who are not.”

“Everyone supporting Kevin McCarthy for leadership- is doing so either out of fear of retaliation because if they get out of line or because of their own selfish interest in what they stand to gain from his speakership,” Good continued. “All the others publicly opposing Kevin McCarthy for speaker is doing so at risk or at the expense of their own selfish interests because they’re trying to do what’s right for the country because they know that we have a moment to save the Republic.”

The Virginia congressman went on to condemn “fraudulent, phony conservatives in the media who are now coming to rally around McCarthy,” referring to them as “the very same people, John, who have railed against him; they are ‘do nothing Republicans’ and ‘compromised Republicans’, and the very same people who want us to rubber stamp and acquiesce and rolled over.”

“They are the same people who voted status quo, fell in line like sheep, and, by acclamation, elected Kevin McCarthy,” Good continued. “And we are getting rolled into this lame duck session this December on the CR or the Omnibus spending bill, which still to be decided. And we’re getting rolled on the NDAA because he would be fighting on that If it were not for what we’re doing to try to oppose him a speaker. And we’re getting rolled next year of the budget bills and all the rest.”

“They would be attacking and criticizing all of us Republicans for rubbish and for rubber-stamping Kevin McCarthy, he concluded. “The very same people.”

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