In another embarrassing moment for Ron DeSantis and his 2024 campaign, Christina Pushaw, who is arguably the highest-ranking advisor on Team DeSantis, spent her time Thursday night arguing with a 16-year-old boy on Twitter.

“Call me ugly all you want… must be tough when you can’t call me WRONG” Pushaw tweeted on Thursday after another account implied that her appearance is keeping her “behind burner accounts” and off of video media.

A 16-year-old boy with the Twitter handle name @GOPJOSH20 replied to Pusaw’s tweet with a typical 16-year-old boy response, writing, “How much of the $1M DeStablishment raised yesterday will go towards your Botox?”

Oddly, Pushaw replied to the 16-year-old’s tweet, writing, “Does your mom know what you are doing on the internet.”

It became more embarrassing for Pushaw as she decided to continue her argument with the 16-year-old on Twitter.

GOP Josh shared a photo of Pushaw supporting Georgia and Ukraine, tweeting, “[email protected] this u? The man vying for the highest office in the land has a Ukraine simp as his right hand woman.”

Pushaw embarrassingly replied to the tweet with “Wait … do you have a problem with the guy in the picture?” tweeting a picture of Trump during his presidency when Trump visited Europe.

Pushaw then replied to the tweet again, tweeting, “He’s literally a child LOL I thank God Twitter wasn’t a thing when I was his age. I might have embarrassed myself the same way. Look he has plenty of time to grow up and learn something, and I wish him well.”

Pushaw failed to mention that while President Trump was pictured with the Georgian President because he was running US foreign policy as President, she herself is registered as a foreign agent for her work on behalf of Georgia’s government.

Pushaw is viewed as a key part of Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign. If Sarah Huckabee Sanders, during her time as Donald Trump’s Press Secretary, argued with a 16-year-old on Twitter, the mainstream media would be questioning Trump and Sanders’ mental fitness and ability to run the United States of America. Yet when a critical member of Team DeSantis argues with a 16-year-old, the mainstream media remains silent.

These facts, combined with the fact that Ron DeSantis has surrounded himself with globalist billionaires Reid Hoffman and Ken Griffin as well as with Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan, are leading many to believe the uni-party is in the tank for DeSantis and using him in an attempt to take out President Trump.