“Char” for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from LUZ NOTICIAS 

It was indicated that the three men were released hours after the crime was committed.

Three Guasave City Hall workers were deprived of their freedom by a group of unknown individuals during the early morning hours of Friday, December 8, near the community of Las Culebras, within the municipality of Guasave.

According to unofficial information, the men, who currently work at the municipal palace, were driving along a dirt road leading from the community to Las Glorias beach when they were intercepted and forced to abandon the vehicle in which they were traveling.

The police received the report and initiated a search operation in the nearby area and in different sectors of the municipality; it was around 11:00 when the Investigative Police confirmed that the victims were out of danger.

They were identified as Pedro “N”, Geovany “N” and Pedro “N”, who were reported safe and sound in their homes.

It was indicated that the deprivation of liberty was committed by a group of heavily armed and hooded individuals on board a pick up truck, so it is presumed that they could be hired killers from a criminal group.