Homes destroyed in northern NSW as bushfires continue to burn

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A number of homes and buildings have been destroyed in northern NSW, near Casino, as a “very dangerous” bushfire continues to burn out of control.

Earlier on Tuesday evening, emergency warnings were issued for four separate fires, with residents of Rappville, Wyan, The Island, Myrtle Creek, Wineshanty, or Mount Belmore State Forest advised that it is “too late to leave”.

A NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) spokesperson said there had been reports of property damage and potential loss, but was unable to confirm how many properties had been affected on Tuesday night.

The fire in Casino.

The fire in Casino.

Facebook/Fire and Rescue NSW

“It’s a very active fire,” the spokesperson said. “It’s important that residents monitor the situation and are aware that there may be some changes overnight.”

The RFS had tweeted earlier of reports that a “number of homes or buildings being destroyed by the fire in the Rappville area”. 

“This fire is very dangerous and is spreading quickly,” the NSW RFS said.

Warnings have also been issued for fires burning in nearby Tenterfield, Ewingar and Jackadgery area.

The NSW RFS spokesperson said strong winds were expected to continue overnight but hot conditions were expected to ease.

“Hopefully those easing conditions will be good news for the firefighters working to control the fires,” he said.

Earlier on Tuesday, RFS spokesman Greg Allan said conditions were not expected to ease until later in the week.

“We’re probably not going to see any reprieve until tomorrow,” he said.

“We’ve been seeing very strong westerly winds pushing that fire towards the east, still very high temperatures and very low humidity.”

Residents of southeast Queensland were also told it was too late to leave on Tuesday, as a bush fire approached properties at Laidley, about 80km west of Brisbane.

At 4pm, 29 fires were burning across Queensland, Fire and Emergency Services said.

In NSW, at 6pm, NSW RFS said 46 bush and grass fires were burning across the state. 

At least one home has been lost in Queensland’s Lockyer Valley, between Ipswich and Toowoomba, ABC News has reported. 

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