A secondary school teacher that Internet users claim was arrested for visiting prostitutes on a study tour in mainland China has come back to Hong Kong, a day after failing to return with the tour’s other participants.

According to a notice issued to parents on Monday by CUHK FAA Thomas Cheung Secondary School in New Territories and obtained by the Post, the teacher who was said to be assisting mainland authorities in their investigation arrived on Sunday morning.

He was the only participant who had not returned from the four-day tour in Wuhan, which ended on May 11.

Internet users in WhatsApp groups and on LIHKG, an online forum in Hong Kong similar to Reddit, over the weekend claimed a secondary school teacher was arrested on the mainland over vice activities.

The notice, signed by the school’s principal Leung Kwok-ho, said the teacher reported that information circulated online was “not accurate”, but stopped short of giving a specific reason for the latter’s delayed return.

Vice-principal Lee Shut-fai announced in a separate statement that the school had reported the incident to its board of directors, and had also set up an investigation task force to follow up on the matter while maintaining close contact with the Education Bureau.

The study tour took place in Wuhan from May 8 to 11. Photo: AFP

A bureau spokesman on Tuesday refused to address the allegations, but said it attached great importance to the discipline of those joining the tour.

The study tour from Wednesday to Saturday last week was organised for newly-recruited teachers and included visits to schools, speciality industries, high-end technology companies and institutions, among other events.

City leader John Lee Ka-chiu announced in his 2022 policy address that new teachers in publicly funded schools would take part in study tours to the mainland.