I feel like I need to provide a content warning before introducing this piece because it will likely turn your stomach.

Back in 2021, Luke Rosiak of The Daily Wire broke the story of a cross-dressing student in Loudoun County that raped multiple girls on a school campus. Those crimes were then ignored and covered up by the school board, leading to a national backlash that likely helped put current Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin in office.

Now, Rosiak is back with another horrifying report, this time dealing with an underage, self-proclaimed transgender girl who was sex trafficked twice because Baltimore, MD, authorities refused to return her to her adoptive parents. Why was that decision made? Because a judge believed her parents had “misgendered” her and weren’t sufficiently recognizing her “transgender” identity.

A 14-year-old transgender runaway from Virginia endured a six-month nightmare that saw her twice fall into the hands of sex traffickers, the second time after Baltimore bureaucrats refused to return her to her home state because they accused her adoptive parents of “misgendering” her, according to records reviewed by The Daily Wire.

The child, identified in legal documents as Sage, was adopted by her biological grandmother, Michele Blair, after the death of her father. Long troubled, Sage began identifying as a male named “Draco” and ran away from their rural home in late August of 2021, only to end up on the mean streets of Baltimore, where authorities rescued her from a convicted sex offender, according to records. But instead of returning the child to her grandmother, Maryland officials put her in an inner-city group home. The reason: They thought her adoptive, blood-relative parents didn’t seem to sufficiently recognize her transgender identity.

“It is not possible to return the child to that home,” Judge Robert B. Kershaw wrote on Sept. 3, 2021, after an impassioned plea from Baltimore Assistant Public Defender Aneesa Khan.

Instead, the judge turned Sage over to the Baltimore City Department of Juvenile Services “for placement in a hardware secure therapeutic facility which makes reasonable accommodation for Respondent’s expressed male gender and desire to live as a trans male.” That meant housing the girl just rescued from a sex offender with some of Baltimore’s most troubled biological males.

There are few things that get me viscerally angry in politics, but this has me seeing red. A girl ran away from home, was brutally raped and sex trafficked in Baltimore, and then after the authorities found her, they refused to send her home. Instead, they stuck her in a group home with troubled men in order to supposedly honor her supposed transgenderism. Sage, which is how the girl is identified in the legal filings, then runs away again, only to end up sex trafficked in Texas.

In summary, a radical judge decided that it was more important to use push transgender ideology than to protect a vulnerable, troubled child. Unfortunately, that child has now paid dearly for that insane, disgusting display, having been brutally raped by pedophiles. All the while, the law required that she be returned to her parents, something Maryland officials simply ignored.

All of this was preventable, but radical transgender ideology demands that someone’s “gender identity,” even if that identity is clearly the result of mental illness, take precedence above everything else. Is this really where we are headed? Judges keeping children away from their parents over the ludicrous, made-up charge of “misgendering?”

The left can keep pushing this garbage, but they are eventually going to meet a brick wall, and this feels like another bridge too far moment. Society can’t survive this kind of dangerous ideology being forced on people, especially at the legal level, and I hope people realize that sooner rather than later. Certainly, I would hope before more children get hurt. Unfortunately, I think things will have to get worse before the backlash really reaches its critical point.

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