We’ve been keeping a close eye on the ongoing race for who will lead the Republican National Committee (RNC), after the promised GOP Red Wave to take back both the U.S. House and the Senate during November’s midterms didn’t pan out as advertised, under current chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. One of the leading candidates for the role, as we previously reported, is attorney Harmeet Dhillon.

Dhillon recently appeared as a guest on Sebatian Gorka’s nationally-syndicated radio show, “America First,” on the Salem Radio Network, which – on Thursday – featured California-based author and conservative radio host, Jim Hanson as the fill-in host. During one segment with Dhillon, Hanson shared an infuriating story about his own, frustrating interactions as a member of the grassroots with the RNC under McDaniel’s leadership.

Hanson said:

I have to tell a quick story. In November of 2019, we had evidence coming out of Orange County, California, that the Democrats had used ballot harvesting in the 2018 election — and they knocked off a couple of Republican incumbents in Orange County, the only really deep-red part of that state.

We also had some evidence that pointed to the possibility they were registering people with [home] addresses in dog parks and Starbucks and government buildings.

We took it to the RNC, and they told us to call you [Dhillon]. Then they told us that we should raise money, to get you to be able to work on it, instead of the RNC — whose job, all of the rest of us assumed, would be to investigate this, would follow through on it.

As we all know, ballot harvesting was a huge problem in the 2020 election and going forward.

Hanson then throws it to Dhillon, asking whether those are the types of issue she would address, if she were elected as RNC chairwoman. Dhillon begins by explaining that “ballot havesting is a complex issue,” since it’s legal in some states, including California. But she did address voter registration, and its connection to early and mail-in voting:

Obviously, registering voters in places where people don’t live is not legal.

The RNC has a role that they should be playing, with respect to — for example — helping us to clean up voter rolls of people who are registered in more than one jurisdiction. That has not been a top priority, unfortunately.

She then addressed the money issue Hanson’s story raised, confirming that “the Democratic Party and Democratic donors have been investing in Democrat election litigation for, I would say, almost 20 years. And we have not been doing that as a party.”

While Dhillon did praise the RNC for recent efforts and “investments” in election litigation, she said “it’s not near[ly] enough,” and she still depends on donors “outside the party” to handle lawsuits. She also praised the California Republican Party as “strong,” and an example to other states on how to “take advantage” of dubious, but legal methods like ballot harvesting and early voting — “until we can get in and change state laws.”

“Election integrity should be one of the top priorities at the RNC,” Dhillon said, adding why it’s crucual that if we as a party take advantage of the rules currently in place, “We have to. We’re losing if we don’t do that.”

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