Last Updated on April 1, 2024

Per the US’s demands for a “revitalized” Palestinian Authority, at least two of the new ministers allegedly partake in “religious incitement to terror” and the “demonization of Jews,” according to The Jerusalem Post.

An expose by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) revealed Minister of Women’s Affairs Muna Al-Khalili and Minister of Religious Affairs Muhammad Mustafa Najem to have said supposed “racist and inciteful quotes,” according to the outlet.

Al-Khalili, a former Chairwoman of the PLO’s General Union of Palestinian Women, allegedly praised Dalal Al-Mughrabi, a terrorist who killed 37 Israelis in the 70s. She also stated that the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas was resistance. Al-Khalili honored those involved and those held as “heroic prisoners,” reported The Post.

The other person in question, Muhammad Mustafa Najem, characterized Jews by “conceit, pride, arrogance, rioting, disloyalty, and treachery.” He also referred to them as “apes and pigs,” which, according to The Post, is a popular Islamist sentiment.

Itamar Marcus, the PMW chair, has called for both individuals in the new PA government to be replaced, claiming having these two is a complete mockery of the US demand for “revitalization.”

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) rails on the two ministers of the new “revitalized” Palestinian Authority.

Adding a little background, the former Palestinian government suddenly had Prime Minister Ahmad Shtayyeh resign. Most believed it because of the US’s desire for “revitalization.” The Post reported that others thought it to be the reintroduction of Hamas into an officially recognized government.

Hamas has rejected forming a new government without their representation. It claimed that the new authority would not recognize the national consensus. Fatah, which essentially controls the PLO, regards Hamas’ action as “worse than the one of 1948,” said The Post. It also makes the group aware of other past actions, including the coup of 2007.

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It all seems very complicated, but in the end, it is very cut and dry. The US will ultimately mandate a palatable solution for Israel. The West, lobbied to its limits, has taken a side. Hamas only has an allotted time before the battle is over, and Israel finally gets what it wants — no ceasefire — a single-state solution.

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No one is advocating for the Palestinian people. Still, the attack and its genocidal retributions have revealed to the laypeople the power of the Israel Lobby and the mercilessness of its favored nation-state.

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