Last Updated on January 6, 2023

Derrick Evans, a January 6 political prisoner and former District 19 West Virginia Delegate, announced his official run for U.S. House of Representatives on Friday, two years after events on January 6th, 2021.

“One month ago I came to you with my story. I launched an exploratory committee for Congress, the feed back and poll results have been amazing, and with that, I’m thrilled to say, that I, Derrick Evans am officially running for a seat in the United States House of Representatives,” Evans said in a video statement published on Friday.

“Today is a day to celebrate. But for me, that hasn’t always been the case when it comes January 6th. Last year, it was a day of reflection, thinking about my fellow J6er’s and the miscarriage of Justice at the hands of our government. I was fearful over my pending prison sentence,” Evans said. “[I was] scared to miss precious time with my family. But despite that uncertainty, my resolve never waned. I knew I still had the support from the people of West Virginia and American Patriots from all across the country.”

“2 years ago today I boarded a passenger bus to Washington DC. The goal? Protect our constitutional republic from the 2020 stolen election . If you told me what would happen next; I never would have believed you. Let’s get the facts straight: I walked through open doors, I received a fist bump from a police officer after thanking him for his service, I was inside the capitol for 10 minutes. I was nowhere near the Senate chambers. I was nowhere near the chaos. The moments that followed changed my life and shaped me into the man that I am today,” Evans stated.

“So just what does that mean for 2024? Today is not the day it gets deep into policy or rhetoric.. Today is the day to celebrate the future of West Virginia, but we cannot do that without looking at the major issues that continue to plague our people today,” Evans said.

Evans stated that election integrity is a keystone issue for him and something which is pertinent to national security.

“Election Integrity must be a major topic as it is quite frankly a matter of national security. Its that very issue that lead me to the capitol in the first place. We must secure and protect the integrity of our elections,” he said.

Evans also espoused his desire for “Energy Independence” and to increase the energy exports of the United States.

“You cannot live in the great state of West Virginia without talking about energy and American energy Independence. We’re a long way from the glory days before Obama’s war on coal and, but we are only two years from Biden shutting down the keystone pipeline. We must return to the Trump policies which not only lead us to Energy Independence, but made America a net exporter of energy,”

In addition to energy independence and election integrity, Evans also listed border security as a key issue.

“West Virginia isn’t on the southern border, but we must put a stop to the invasion which is being promoted by the illegitimate Biden regime. We must build the wall and secure our borders by any means necessary.   The big question is Who’s been speaking up and representing the people of southern West Virginia for the last five years? That answer is no one,” Evans stated.

Evans also took the time to lambast Carol Miller, a Republican who was West Virginia State Delegate for over 12 years, and who has represented the Mountain State’s 3rd Congressional District since 2018.

“Carol Miller has had five years to leave her mark on Washington. Five years to represent conservatives in WV, but instead she has chosen to represent the values of the globalist uni-party as she has voted to send billions and billions of dollars to Ukraine, voted to fund the military with vaccine mandates in place, voted to pass a $1.5 TRILLION omnibus bill which funded Biden’s vaccine mandates,” Evans said.

“She only votes with the Constitution 61% of the time and has a Liberty rating of a “D” at pathetic 65%. Quite frankly, she does not represent the America First agenda which has left me no choice but to give the people of WV a true conservative choice at the ballot,” Evans added.

Evans stated his intention to align with the House Freedom Caucus if elected as a West Virginia representative.

“Once elected, I will proudly stand with the Freedom Caucus to oppose the globalist uni-party swamp rats who are attempting to destroy this country for personal gain,” Evans declared.

“With that being said, There’s just one thing left to do. It’s time to hit the campaign trail, it’s time to listen to the God-fearing conservatives in WV, it’s past time to put America First, and then we will work every day to Make America Great Again. Thank you and God bless the United States of America!” the congressional hopeful concluded.

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