Rep. James Comer is escalating his investigation into the Biden family by subpoenaing one of Hunter Biden’s key business partners. Devon Archer, who worked with the president’s son during his days with Ukrainian gas company Burisma, will now have to appear before the House Oversight Committee under oath.

That follows another bombshell revelation on Monday in which Sen. Chuck Grassley revealed that the infamous FD-1023 form allegedly a bribery scandal involving Joe and Hunter Biden also contains information on multiple recorded conversations. Two of those tapes involve the president himself.

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Archer is already facing jail time for an unrelated fraud scheme that occurred in 2018. As RedState reported recently, he’s been urged by close associates to flip on the Biden family in order to offer leverage to prosecutors. Whether prosecutors would be interested given the federal government’s penchant for covering up misdeeds by the various Bidens is another matter.

If anyone knows about what occurred between Joe Biden leaving the Obama administration and becoming president, Archer knows. He was Hunter Biden’s right hand man, having set up key meetings, including with Russian oligarchs. Archer also co-founded the LLC, Rosemont Seneca Thornton, that Hunter Biden received foreign payments through.

Comer’s subpoena of Archer is likely to be the first of many as the investigation intensifies. I would expect the confidential informant who provided the information in the FD-1023 form to also end up before Congress in the near future. For now, House Republicans seem determined to keep pulling at this thread.