Last Updated on February 28, 2024

Jeopardy! featured an answer that required a contestant to submit the question: “What are pronouns?” Host Ken Jennings elaborated, saying that the so-called words “xem/xyrs/xemself” are actually called “neopronouns.”

If you watch the show, Jeopardy!‘s woke reference to non-binary gender philosophy should come as no surprise considering that anti-Trump host Ken Jennings previously asked a contestant who spent time in Russia if he renounces his Russian experience in solidarity with Ukraine. The progressive Regime folks are ruining Jeopardy!, which is produced by Sony.

“My main concern about “Joe Biden’s America” is that Donald Trump is president of it and he’s trying to start a race war,” Ken Jennings tweeted in 2020. Clearly, Jennings was WRONG about that one. Jennings is known for having been a successful contestant on the show, but he lacks charisma as a host. He is no Alex Trebeck (RIP Alex).

Watch the wokeness, and realize that this is what modern media has come to. They simply will not leave us alone:

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