Joe Biden threw an event on the South Lawn on Tuesday to celebrate the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act.

To show that “respect,” Joe Biden invited a “non-binary” drag queen to the event and lied about contraception, gay marriage, and interracial marriage being endangered, as we reported. He also claimed that people could be thrown out of restaurants for being gay which is also not true — that is against the public accommodation law. The whole point of Biden’s remarks was to twist remarks from Justice Clarence Thomas in the Dobbs case to hype up division, for Biden to make people think that he’s doing something for them when he’s not. They’re creating a fear strawman and knocking it down, bragging about all the great things they’d done.

There was this pander-rama from Kamala Harris.

Maybe instead of that being your criteria — rather than people who could do their jobs who might happen to be gay or straight without getting into problems — you wouldn’t have embarrassing situations like Sam Brinton, the alleged luggage thief? Or White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who can’t seem to get through a briefing without lying or making a gaffe, who doesn’t know the difference between “Nobel” and ” “noble,” or “bicameral,” not “bicarmel.” That last one was her gaffe of the day.

Then talking about embarrassment, any event “run” by Joe Biden is going to have problems.

Then, there was this voice-over moment at the event with Biden. It was supposed to be dramatic, but it didn’t go well when the voice cut out right as he started to talk about “heterosexual marriage.”

How incompetent is that but how symbolic? Biden ends up not even being able to talk about heterosexual marriage. That sort of says it all about the orientation of the Biden White House.

Then, Biden kept coughing into his hands but then was hugging and shaking everyone’s hand.

Joe Biden: The gift that keeps on giving, sharing whatever he may have had.

But let’s not forget Biden’s constant effort to tell people “don’t jump” anytime someone is above him. After the 635th time, it’s not funny.

Heck, it wasn’t funny the first time. Is the point that people listening to him might want to jump? If that’s the point, I get that sentiment, there’s only so much Biden that anyone can take.

Sometimes you have to think they’re playing a game with us when they send out Biden in this condition. But they keep right on doing it, without caring about the harmful effect that he has on everything.

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