Last Updated on December 8, 2022

Kevin McCarthy’s top advisor makes millions of dollars as a Big Tech lobbyist, protecting the interests of corporate monopolies like Apple and Amazon while McCarthy works from inside the legislature to defeat anti-trust legislation.

Last year, McCarthy opposed historic anti-trust legislation supported by members of both parties, working with his top outside advisor, Big Tech lobbyist and political operative Jeff Miller, to make sure the Ending Platform Monopolies Act never became law.

McCarthy’s Big Tech influence was reported on last year by Tucker Carlson, after “congressional sources” told his Tucker Carlson Tonight program that McCarthy’s top advisor had been calling GOP congressmen, asking them not to support the anti-trust legislation that threatened to break up Big Tech.

Now, the news segment has resurfaced and is making rounds on social media, as McCarthy once again tries to become Speaker of the House, and meets massive conservative resistance, after the “red wave” election he spent years promising presented itself as a “pink trickle.”

That, after McCarthy used corrupt, Big Tech money to derail America First campaigns, protect RINOs, and surrender seats to Democrats.

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Kevin McCarthy has “been telling you he’s very worried about the danger of Big Tech monopolies for years and now there’s bipartisan support to do something about it,” Tucker Carlson reported in the 2021 segment.

“Weirdly though, Kevin McCarthy is opposed to this anti-trust legislation. Why is that? How that Be?”

“We’re not sure,” Carlson said. “Here’s one potential explanation.”

“Kevin McCarthy’s top outside advisor is a man called Jeff Miller. Who’s Jeff Miller? Well he’s a registered lobbyist for Amazon and Apple,” Carlson went on, adding that Miller is “making a lot of money doing that.”

“Records show that Amazon Web Services paid Miller’s firm more than $400,000 in recent years,” said Carlson.

“What’s Amazon Web Services? Those are the people who host the entire internet and if they don’t like you for political reasons, like they didn’t like Parler, they just turn off the lights and shut you down, stop your business. They can do that, and they have.”

“Apple, meanwhile, has paid Miller’s firm more than $600,000 from 2019-2021,” Carlson went on, further expounding on the McCarthy comrade’s lengthy Big Tech financial ties, before informing the viewers that at the same time McCarthy was opposing anti-trust legislation on the House floor, Miller was shilling for Big Tech on the congressional phone lines.

“Congressional sources tell this show that Miller has been calling Republican offices on Capitol Hill and asking them not to support the House anti-trust bill. This is Kevin McCarthy’s closest advisor,” Carlson explained.

“Are you shocked that Kevin McCarthy is doing what his corporate clients want him to?”

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