RT: US missiles in Ukraine will be targeted if delivered – Kremlin 

The US media has claimed that a Pentagon plan to arm Kiev with Patriot systems is being finalized 

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday that Russia would certainly target US MIM-104 Patriot missile systems in Ukraine if the weapons are deployed in the ongoing conflict. Media reports in the US have indicated that plans to deliver the air defense system are in the final stages. 

Peskov’s remarks came in response to a question about how Russia would react to the possible delivery of the US-made systems, which Kiev currently does not have. Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who is now deputy chair of the National Security Council, stated in late November that such weapons and their crews would be legitimate targets if a NATO member were to deliver them. 

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Update: Kremlin Vows To Take Out Patriot Batteries If US Sends To Ukraine (Zero Hedge)  

WNU Editor: I have been doing some reflection and research on this story today. Specifically listening to US experts on the Patriot system. A lot of details are now coming out that the main stream media is ignoring. 

For one. If the decision is made to send these systems, the experts doubt that Ukraine will be getting the top of the line modern US Patriot missile batteries. They will be the older versions, or what has been given to the National Guard. 

Another thing about the Patriot system is that it cannot be integrated into Ukraine’s current air defense network. What this means is that it will be a stand-alone system. It is also a system that will be giving out a huge signature when operational, something that I am sure the Russian military will be working hard to detect.

On top of that. The missiles that the Patriot uses are also incredibly expensive. It makes no sense to shoot a $1 million missile at a $25,000 drone. 

Bottom line. Sending the Patriot Missile system to Ukraine will be sending a huge message to Russia, Ukraine, and Europe. But it is not going to alter in anyway the eventual outcome of this war.  

Update #2: I agree with the tweet below: