Labor not about to let Liu off the hook

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his embattled Liberal colleague Gladys Liu can expect Labor to further pursue the first-term Victorian MP over her background when federal parliament sits next week.

Ms Liu is under fire over donations and links to the Chinese Communist Party.

Adding to revelations over the past week, the ABC obtained a motion that was put forward to Ms Liu’s Victorian Liberal Party conference in 2017, when she was president of its Eastern Multicultural Branch, to make foreign investment in agribusiness and agricultural land easier.

It also accused public attitudes toward foreign investment as being driven by xenophobia, Australia’s national broadcaster said.

“Well there continues to be on successive days more information coming out linking Gladys Liu to organisations overseas, in China, and more questions about undeclared donations for example,” senior Labor frontbencher Tanya Plibersek told reporters on Saturday.

“Any other member of parliament would be expected to stand up in the House of Representatives and explain her position on these unanswered questions.”

She said the prime minister is showing “hypocrisy” over Ms Liu, because he was happy to go after former Labor senator Sam Dastyari over his Chinese connections, “but wants to turn a blind eye when it’s one of his own”.

Mr Morrison declined to make any further comment on the issue when he faced journalists in Launceston, Tasmania on Saturday.

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