Before he performed the role of designated survivor during Tuesday’s State of the Union address, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh tendered his resignation.

This move is too late for California’s trucking industry and our supply chain, but early enough to perhaps mitigate the damage he is doing to independent professionals and the franchise industry. As California Policy Center’s Will Swaim said, “If he does for the NHL what he did for California trucking, there’ll be no hockey.”

Labor Secretary Marty Walsh is the designated survivor for President Biden’s State of the Union address, according to a White House official.

Walsh as Labor secretary is the 11th in the presidential line of succession. Walsh is expected to step down from his job in the Biden administration to take over as head of the National Hockey League Players’ Association, a source familiar with the matter confirmed to The Hill earlier on Tuesday. He will be the first Senate-confirmed Cabinet official in the line of succession to leave the White House since Biden took office.

Rep. Virginia Foxx, Chairman of the Committee on Education & the Workforce had this to say about Walsh’s convenient exit in the midst of some divisive Department of Labor rule changes for franchisors, rescinding the Election Protection Rule which gives employees the ability to remove private sector unions from their workplace, and the Independent Contractor Rule.

Time and time again, we have seen the Biden administration’s Department of Labor—with Secretary Walsh at the helm—constrict job creators and American workers by implementing policies that favor union bosses. In fact, Secretary Walsh’s policies towards America’s workforce have been downright predatory, moving America further away from solutions to address challenges like a worker shortage, a broadening skills gap, and inflation. With this lackluster track record, we now learn he is set to lead the NHLPA.

“Secretary Walsh’s job performance doesn’t warrant celebration, it warrants the penalty box—at best. At every opportunity—he has failed to be a balanced and neutral actor in his role, selling out the American worker for Big Labor. America’s workforce deserves better.”

Walsh has always been a good Big Labor soldier and a wrecking ball to independence and freedom for individuals to work as they see fit. Just ask the independent contractors in Boston. Oh… wait—thanks to Walsh’s manipulations, they pretty much don’t exist.

Walsh made his bones by bleeding labor, working his way up to head the Building and Construction Trades Council for Boston’s Laborers Local 223. When he became the Mayor of Boston, he made sure that Big Labor got their contracts and their kickbacks. Walsh was tapped by the Biden administration to become the labor secretary because they knew he would get the job done in strong-arming through rights for Big Labor unions at the expense of working Americans and small businesses. If any of those rules mentioned above become a permanent reality, then “mission accomplished.”

Under the Federal Vacancies Reform Act, Deputy Labor Secretary Julie Su automatically becomes the acting head of the agency. That’s unfortunate, as Su was responsible for a loss of at least $10 billion to EDD fraud when she was the state’s Labor Secretary and was known to go after employers for “misclassification” of independent contractors. Biden’s and Big Labor’s hope is that Su will continue Walsh’s work and business as usual for Big Labor’s agenda. But with Foxx at the helm of the Committee on Education & the Workforce, there is hope that Republicans will not only mount strong opposition but can obstruct of this job-killing Cabal of Lil’ Su and Big Labor.

As for the players of the National Hockey League: you have America’s sympathy.

As for Marty Walsh: Don’t let the doorknob hit you on the way out.

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