“Char” for Borderland Beat 

This article was translated and reposted from EL OCCIDENTAL 

The shooting attack occurred on Boulevard Puerta de Hierro and Paseo Andares.

Elizabeth Ibal / El Occidental
Intense police mobilization was registered by land and air, in the exclusive area of Andares, in Zapopan, after a lawyer was directly attacked, while he was in a restaurant. In addition, a worker of the place was also hit by projectiles.
The attack occurred on Thursday afternoon inside La Docena restaurant, on Boulevard Puerta de Hierro and Paseo Andares, in the Puerta de Hierro neighborhood.

The Zapopan Police reported that one of the injured was eating food inside the store when a man approached him in the area of the planters overlooking the street and shot him.

He was shot in the lower back. He was identified by sources from the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office as Leopoldo C., a lawyer.

He allegedly had four escorts, but none of them repelled the aggression.
The second was injured presumably as collateral damage, as he is a worker at the restaurant, and he collected himself in the kitchen, but one of the projectiles hit him, wounding him in the abdomen.
The wounded were taken to Hospital Puerta de Hierro for medical attention.
The assailant was reported to be a man who escaped on board a motorcycle.

After the aggression, Paseo Andares was closed to traffic so that personnel could carry out investigations and collect evidence.

In addition, the video surveillance cameras in the area will be reviewed to obtain information that could be used in the investigation.


” In “La Docena” of Andares, they tried to execute LIC POLO CASTELLANOS, a “lawyer” with hundreds of complaints against him, mainly because he steals land and houses.” -SOURCE: ALERTAS GDL ON X