Last Updated on May 28, 2023

South Carolina US Senator and notorious GOP warmonger Lindsey Graham met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday, calling for even more US money and weaponry to be sent to Ukraine and telling Zelensky that because “Russians are dying,” the hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars that the US has already sent him is “the best money we’ve ever spent.”

Senator Graham was in Kiev calling for even more US aid to be sent to Ukraine, a cause he’s been at the very forefront of since 2014 when a Soros and Obama-backed color revolution overthrew Ukraine’s pro-Russia elected government and sent the Eastern European nation spiraling towards being the catalyst for World War 3.

According to some sources, the United States has already sent more than $200 billion worth of taxpayer money and military armaments to Ukraine.

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Video footage credited to the Ukrainian Presidential Press Service and Reuters documents a discussion between South Carolina US Senator Lindsey Graham (R) and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Graham, a notorious warmonger who was closely affiliated with late US Senator John McCain, chuckled as he told Zelensky that because “Russians are dying,” the unprecedented financial and military aid that the US is sending to Ukraine is “the best money we’ve ever spent.”

Perhaps even more disturbingly, Graham appeared to be helping Zelensky compare Ukraine’s Soros-backed war over contested territory with Russia to the US Revolutionary War, saying “live free or die” back and forth with Zelensky before making his “Russians are dying” comment.

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Watch the video below: 

The meeting between US Senator Graham and Ukrainian President Zelensky came in the aftermath of Ukraine’s defeat on the battlefield at Bakhmut, a defeat that both Ukraine and the Western media have attempted to minimize, despite their previous ddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddassertions that Ukraine desperately needed to win the battle.

When Zelensky addressed a Joint Session of the United States Congress last year, he called Bakhmut Ukraine’s “stronghold in the Donbas” and said that the fight for the city would “change the trajectory of our war.”

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