Richard Illingworth just had a chat with Smith and Labuschagne, not sure what about. Smith might have changed gloves (again).

CLOSE! Bottom edge as Marnus tries to sweep and if he hadn’t got that, he’d be out. Very close. Not sure the sweep is on just yet, if I’m being honest.

BEATEN! Turn from Jadeja now, away from Marnus, who was squared up and beaten.

All bottom hand from Marnus, pushing into the off side for no run.

Solid defence from Marnus back in front of his stumps.

Sharma has a chat with Bharat behind the stumps, now has a word with Jadeja ahead of the final ball of the over. Is there a plan afoot?

If the plan was to bowl straight on middle stump to see Marnus defend, then it worked. A maiden over.