“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

A man’s eyes are bulging in shock and disbelief at the fact that his head is being violently removed. That ugly moment within his life where the realization of how his exit from this world plays out dawns on him. 
Every indication of this is clearly seen across his pained face as he lays there on the desert ground immobile to everything happening all around him. He appears to be seriously injured and there really isn’t much that he can do to defend himself at this point.
Gunmen for Omar Feliz Loaiza aka El Pelón have taken advantage of this by simply using a shovel placed against his chest to hold him in place. A small fixed blade knife is seen rushing back and forth across the fallen man’s neck. 
His vital fluids pour out just as fast as the assassin slashes through the flesh and cervical spine. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario #1 mockingly says: So, you were saying long live Los Pelones. Isn’t that right? Long live Los Pelones, long live Los Pelones?
Sicario #2 mockingly says: Long live Los Pelones you dick. 
Sicario #1 says to his counterpart: Ok, buddy you’re next. Is this how it’s done?
Sicario #3: Yes, that’s exactly how. 
Sicario #1 mockingly says: Go ahead and claim long live Los Pelones now. 
Sicario #4 mockingly says: Long live Los Pelones you fuck. 
Sicario #5: Take a look at how beautiful that wet work looks. 
Sicario #1: This will be the fate of every Salazares gunmen. Every Salazares operative will go through this. 
Sicario #6: You dogs, the only ones in charge here will be Los Pelones. 
Sicario #1:  Every Salazares operative will go through this.
Sicario #5: Check out how beautiful that bloods pours out. That’s exactly how it should be done doggies. Just like that sir. 
Several hitmen say: Where are the Salas (Salazares) gunmen at now?
Sicario #1: Try sticking your tongue out again you son of a bitch. Go ahead and try saying again long live Los Salas. 
Sicario #5: I’ve got the shovel here for that particular bone that we need…

Sonora, Mexico