“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel address the population of Michoacan, to clarify that they seek to restore peace within the state, and go against criminal groups that charge fees to traders, farmers and businessmen.

Video translation is as follows:

Good morning or good afternoon. Through this medium I direct myself to all the citizens of the beautiful state of Michoacán. To let you know that we are going all out against El Migueladas, Los Viagras, and El Tena. According to them, they are for the peace of Michoacán. I believe that those who charge fees and don’t allow merchants, businessmen, and farmers to work. They are never looking out for the peace of the people. I never get involved with businessmen, merchants, and farmers. 

On the contrary, I am here to support low-income citizens. And I have demonstrated this wherever I am in charge. The boss wants everyone to know this. And if I say this comes directly from the boss, it is because I am the boss. My family has nothing to do with my cartel. Let me remind everyone that I came to fight against Los Zetas and the La Familia Michoacána. Who at the time wanted to extort citizens with charging fees. I am not against the citizens. I am with the people. And I want peace for Michoacán. 

Potential allies uploaded a statement to social networks where they asked me to join or make peace with groups that are against El Migueladas, Los Viagras, and El Tena. I would like to do this if they are open to dialogue and can comply in order to have a Michoacan like before when yours truly was there. When farmers, merchants, and businessmen were not bothered. I am here to achieve peace for the state of Michoacan. 

And thus achieve the tranquility that the citizens of the state of Michoacan desire so much. I reiterate to the government. This conflict is not against you. It is against the fee collectors who are against the citizens who won’t allow them to work. I wish you the peace and tranquility that all the citizens of the state of Michoacán desire so much. Your friend and fellow countryman Mencho Oseguera wants you to know this.