“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

An armed group moving through the rural streets of Mexicali aboard three vehicles took from their homes the same number of individuals, two of whom are family members, while a third was identified as a resident of Ejido Chiapas II, in the Mexicali valley.

The facts were reported around 5:00 a.m. this Saturday, December 24 at a known address in Ejido Chiapas II, where residents of the community denounced that moments before, an armed group broke into the house to abduct people who were inside.

In the narrative taken by the victims’ relatives, it was said that three vehicles arrived, two green pick-up trucks and a white pick-up truck, from which several subjects in black clothes and with their faces concealed got out.

The heavily armed criminals entered the property knocking down the door and then went to the room of the father of the family, Armando Campos Ramirez, 46 years old, whom they forced to get into the vehicles.

In the same area, the criminals broke into two other properties to kkdnap Alberto López Campos, 22 years old, a relative of the first individual, and Eduardo Figueroa Hernández, who was recognized when he saw him inside one of the trucks waiting for them outside.

The criminal convoy left the place towards Ciudad Guadalupe Victoria, where witnesses their trail.

Municipal police were the first to arrive and interview the victims, but no substantial results were obtained.

Zeta Tijuana