I thought about starting the headline with “BREAKING,” but decided the snark wasn’t necessary; this thing is hilarious all by itself in its total lack of relevancy to today’s important goings on, and only relevant to former First Lady Michelle Obama, apparently, and her continuing efforts to remain in the public eye.

So why am I covering it, you ask? Because I find the cringe somewhat humorous as a larger part of the Obamas’ addiction to remaining in the spotlight as much and as long as possible.

As I reported last Friday, multimillionaire Mrs. Obama whined to People Magazine about the trials and tribulations of being a tall black woman in America. No, really.

So this week, Michelle told host Ellen DeGeneres at an event promoting the former First Lady’s latest book, “The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times,” that she refrained from styling her hair naturally while living at the White House because Americans would have been made uneasy by the sight.

As black women we deal with it, the whole thing about do you show up with your natural hair? […] As First Lady, I did not wear braids. Being the first — yeah, we had to ease up on the people […] I was like, it would be easier. Nope, nope. They’re not ready.

Stereotype much, Michelle?

“They’re,” no doubt, being those “bitter [white people who] cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them” her hubby ridiculed during a 2008 campaign stop in San Francisco, unaware of a nearby open mic.

Meanwhile, Michelle and Barack Obama live on a $12 million estate on the Democrat enclave of Martha’s Vineyard, venturing out now and then to make additional millions, and to remind us how far we still must go to erase stereotypes from an imperfect America — including those held by the Obamas themselves.

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