(Washington, DC) The Middle East Program (MEP) is proud to announce a new collaboration with news agency More to Her Story, consisting of regular special releases on the Middle East Women’s Initiative’s (MEWI) blog, Enheduanna. This series will spotlight the voices and stories of women and girls and reporting by women from the Middle East and North Africa. 

 Founded by journalist Sarah Little, More to Her Story is a news agency that is committed to telling rarely told stories of women and girls and to catalyze tangible, positive change in the lives of women and girls. To achieve this, More to Her Story ensures that the voices of women and girls are not only heard but are the driving force behind long-lasting change.  

The Wilson Center’s Middle East Women’s Initiative (MEWI) builds on the work of the Middle East Program and Haleh Esfandiari’s extensive history in promoting the empowerment of women in the region. Through an open and inclusive dialogue with women leaders from the Middle East and continuous research, MEWI aims to deepen understanding of both the challenges and opportunities in gender development and prescribe policy recommendations for governments and civil society to achieve gender parity across the region. 

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