“Socalj” for Borderland Beat

The account @MFGoficial1, shows the name and an older photo of the founder of the Guadalajara Cartel. The Twitter account shows over 600 followers while following 48 accounts.

It was not clear if the imprisoned drug trafficker manages the Twitter account from inside the prison, or if other people do it on his behalf. 

José Antonio Pérez Juárez, director of Prevention and Social Reintegration of the state of Jalisco, told journalists that “the man decided to use [social] networks and we simply respect his decision. Within a sentence, it does not imply the loss of fundamental human rights, such as the right to have communication with the outside world, with his family, or with whoever the person decides. It is a right that we are obliged to respect and that is what happens”.

The profile photo of the @MFGOficial1 Twitter account.
The @MFGoficial1 account has only posted three Tweets, all of them from December 5th. The first post only says: To Public Opinion and includes four screenshots with text written on a cell phone. Two more tweets contain the rest of the text.

In the posts, Felix-Gallardo claims his case was manufactured by the Mexican government to curry favor with the United States and he outlines his detention and alleged torture at the hands of Mexican federal agents. Félix Gallardo also accuses prosecutor Alejandro Gertz Manero of giving instructions to his subordinates to prevent him from serving the rest of his sentence under house arrest. There have been multiple delays and issues over the last years regarding his transfer to house arrest due to his poor health.

Here are direct translations of the 3 Twitter posts:

The Miguel Félix Gallardo Case was created as a media show so that the government of the 80s had credibility before the United States of America, as well as for the compatriots to believe in that government and its authorities. Here you will find a brief story of how I was arrested and made based on lies of the two accusations that falsely accuse me. 

The facts of my arrest. On April 8, 1989, I found myself sick with a serum on my left arm, I went down to the kitchen to eat or drink something and I heard strange noises and uproar that was not common in the colony, from one moment to the door of my home was laid violently, breaking into those who said they were Federal Agents, whose command was led by the aforementioned Guillermo González Calderoni. Without telling me anything, I was hit in the chest with the tip of the rifle breaking four ribs, the agents who interrupted my house and threw me to the ground by the force of the blows, none of the agents showed up, and none of them answered my questions “they bring an arrest warrant or if they carried a search warrant to break into my home” and they only stepped on me while I was on the ground.

I also mention that a young female agent who entered carried, in addition to her weapons, a Canon AN1 camera and took photographs, in less than a minute and in the presence of all the neighbors I was taken out of the house with a pillowcase that they put on my head so that I did not see their faces, between screams, beatings, and blows they put on my pants and María Elvira Murillo Gastelum Junior and María Elvira Félix Murillo, made her throw the clothes from the top of the house to the floor below where they had me, I was taken out and boarded into an Ichivan-type van, ignoring the model and without seeing what other cars carried the elements since they were about 20, from that home they moved me lying on the floor of the aforementioned Ichivan I was taken to another home not knowing the place for going with the pillowcase and handcuffed with my feet and hands, of which I still keep marks on my hands because of the tight legs, from that address, I went up again to that vehicle lying on the floor with handcuffs and shackles with the pillowcase on my head, after a while between brakes General of the Republic or very close maybe, as I expressed it, it was covered in the head and I could only see through a hole and they only took it from me to take the photos with me, after a few minutes an executive jet arrived that said Pemex, being climbed handcuffed and tied to the seats of the jet. 

I heard that the pilots asked the agents who went on board and who guarded me to remove the cut cartridge of their weapons, I remember that there were about 6 or 7 elements accompanying Guillermo González Calderoni, we all traveled in such an aircraft, already on the trip they removed the pillowcase and the elements took out several envelopes like plastic bag with a white powder of maybe cocaine that they inhaled, time after about an hour we arrived at the airport of which I assumed was Mexico City, already in the hangar of the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic in those days, where a series of Suburban-type vans were waiting for us, and I recognized that there was one of the commanders, named Manuel pozos, I was climbed back in the Suburban in the part of trunk they threw me to the floor handcuffed and with a pillowcase between arrancones and brakes not remembering exactly if it was an hour on the way, we had a stop at an unknown home which was to a building that was supposed to be from Interpol apparently on the street named Soto, but at that time I didn’t know it, in that place Mr. Guillermo González Calderon he communicated with Javier Coello Trejo at that time he was Deputy Attorney General of the Republic, in that place they took off my socks and I was taken off to an underground where there were many cells, some time after that, I went up to one of the floors, not remembering what number, where in a meeting room, there were about 12 people managing to recognize the graduate Javier Coello Trejo and the graduate Porte Petit, and still a bachelor with the surname Franco Villa, to three or 4 commanders that at this time I do not remember since my memories are lost. 

Addressing me Javier Coello Trejo, refers to me DON MIGUEL YOU ALREADY CHINGO TO YOUR MOTHER!, I DO NOT GRAB ANYTHING IN YOUR HOUSE, BUT I HAVE YOUR FAMILY ANNOYED, referring to my wife María Elvira Murillo Gastelum de Félix and my youngest son Junior and María Elvira both of Félix Murillo, at the moment he tells me aviente his roll, to which I answer: graduate what roll you want me to blow you, I have 4 years out of Guadalajara, living in Mazatlan and Monterrey, you yourself know that I do not have an accusation, nor an arrest warrant for which I have tried to voluntarily present myself to the Attorney General’s Office of the Republic, many times my lawyer of that time Fernando Martínez Inclán who told me that, I waited 6 more months and 6 more months, in that the referred Javier Coello Trejo manifests to me in a threatening tone “you are going to regret not confessing”, “I told you I have nothing to confess to you,” they go down again to the separates where I did not receive any medical care because of the riflazos and blows that had been given to me since my arrest and that I had broken 3 or 4 ribs, from that cell I was taken to a torture area where a wet towel was put on my waist and electrical touches were applied to me, like tehuacanes on my nose, I clarify to you that I was always covered in my head during the tortures, another of the tortures was to put a plastic bag, my aggressors to many of them I never saw their faces, because they brought a mountain pass, in that place I also noticed that two women, perhaps Colombians one of them under torture made him abort, very loud cries were heard in front of the cell to which I was introduced, the sisters one of them will abort. 

They give the other who was also a very beaten broom to sweep up the pieces of the fetus that his sister had thrown, and a bucket to throw the remains of the fetus, I clarify, that during the time that I was in the Interpol building, they took me up and down from the cell to the offices and vice versa, and in the multiple ascents to the offices a commander Martínez Sandoval was present, another with the last name Muñoz Leyva, another named Miguel Ángel Palafox, as well as many others that I do not remember but will expand on later, being the day On April 9, I saw some people I knew from Culiacán, Sinaloa, with whom I was friends when I was a public official, (it is noteworthy that no law in Mexico prohibits having friends with people, they being Gregorio Corzo Marín sub-delegate of narcotics in Culiacán, the head of the Judicial Police of the state of Sinaloa Arturo Moreno Espinoza, the head of the Municipal Judicial Police Robespierre Lizárraga Coronel, who had been summoned by or General José de Jesús Gutiérrez Rebollo to the Ninth Military Zone of Culiacán. where they were apprehended without fragrance, time. place and manner subsequently transferred to Mexico City.

José Luis Solís, director of the Federal Highway Police, detained and presented Ramón Medina Carrillo, Ernesto Fernández Cadena, Hugo Alberto Palazuelos Soto, Luis Roberto Cuevas Garate, originally from Mazatlán, as well as with luxury of violence, detained a farmer named Jesus
Ríos Valdez, who brought a box of tomatoes to my mother’s house in Culiacán and at that time was detained without reason, the aforementioned were detained with the intention that they indict me based on torture, as can be demonstrated with the medical reports of injuries when being made available in the north prison of Mexico City, of the facts of which I am totally oblivious. 

One of my co-defendants named Andrés
Herrero Cuamea, who was the manager of the Hotel de las Américas, was deprived of his freedom for 15 days, was tortured and taken to different cities to point out what assets he knew of the undersigned in order to seize some and others to distribute them by Mr. Javier Coello Trejo Hundreds of hectares of assets, heads of cattle, tractors, vehicles, personal belongings, and many more things were lost. 
All those mentioned in the previous paragraphs were detained without an arrest warrant, without having committed any crime, without flagrante delicto, time, place, and manner, and were subjected to torture to accuse me of acts beyond my control, all of this orchestrated by the arrogant, deputy attorney Javier Coello Trejo, who put into practice the violence and torture against my co-defendants themselves, who were not apprehended with an arrest warrant issued by a court, nor in flagrante delicto, time, place and manner, as he himself RECOGNIZES in his book “El Prosecutor de Hierro” and can be read on page 239 and 243 of the aforementioned book, it is a notorious fact in his book that he gave the order to the Secretary of Defense to make arrests without an arrest warrant (WITHOUT FLAGRANCE), violating thus the law to which he was supposedly faithful, is egotistical conduct to demonstrate his power and corruption.
Also, during the time I was in that place called Interpol, I was alone with the aforementioned Coello Trejo, who he alleges, offered him amounts of money that I never had, Mr. Porte Petit, Mr. Franco Villa, Mr. Guillermo González, were always present Calderoní, Luis Soto Silva, whose obligation to him was to open proceedings against me or, as he puts it, arrest me at any cost. 
That same day, which I don’t remember if it was April 11 or 12, I was presented to public opinion next to Mr. Javier Coello Trejo, who always threatened me, telling me not to answer questions and not to move or turn anywhere because they were going to kill or kill my family, in front of me there was a sofa, ignoring what was there, but it was something similar to firearms that I am not aware of because I was behind the sofa and unable to move, later, when I am in front of a lawyer with surnames Franco Villa and Guillermo Gonzales Calderoní show me a gun and boastfully tell me that they killed Paulo Acosta Villareal with that gun and that if they wanted to they would kill me with that gun.
In the Camarena matter, the appearance of people who saw me and with whom I met on February 7, 1985, in Culiacán, on the date that I was accused of committing a crime of kidnapping and homicide in the city, was not taken into consideration. From Guadalajara, Jalisco, which I could not commit since I was hundreds of kilometers away in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, which is proven by the testimonials of Cristina Monarrez de Morales with whom I held an Assembly meeting, Gloria del Carmen León Acuña, who at that time was pregnant with the undersigned and at risk of losing the daughter we were expecting, Jorge Lara Aréchiga, the undersigned’s driver, who was transporting me to the city of Culiacán, and Dr. Jaime Mendoza García himself, who attended Mrs. Gloria del Carmen León Acuña for the health problem caused by the pregnancy of Mrs. León Acuña on February 7, 1985.

Testimonies that were not taken into consideration to unfairly sentence me in the Camarena case, and for which I was sentenced to serve 37 years in prison and of which I have already served 29 years. In said file, most of my co-defendants obtained their freedom after 27 years of being in prison, and since they had been sentenced to serve the same sentence, but the judicial authorities insist that the undersigned die in prison. In the Mexico City file, I was accused of drug trafficking, against health, bribery, and weapons collection, sentencing me to a sentence of 40 years in prison, of which I have already served 34 years.

In said process, I was issued a formal arrest warrant for possession of 112 grams of cocaine and 7 firearms that were not owned by me and were not secured inside my house at the time of my arrest, ignoring the caliber of said weapons, likewise I was accused of introducing and removing drugs on a plane that arrived in Mexico from the United States and brought by Mr. Hugo Devere for repairs to the Hangar of the Aviones y Servicios company. on multiple occasions it was reviewed by federal police without finding anything illegal inside it, until it was transferred to the hangar of the Attorney General’s Office General of the Republic where they supposedly found white powder itself that was not enough to carry out a chemical expert test since 3 grams were needed, likewise that plane did not enter or leave Mexico except for that time when it arrived for review, this being a Due to so many irregularities, said trial is full of violations and lies that, based on torture, false testimonies were obtained from my co-defendants. 
For example, it is noted that Mr. Hugo Devere’s ministerial statement was taken while he was hospitalized since he was in serious condition at the time of his arrest due to a cardiac problem, who was made to sign without knowing what he was signing, likewise he was incommunicado, a situation that can be corroborated with the Amparo that his family promoted to find out where he was and the authorities denied that he had been deprived of his freedom, aggravating my legal situation since in the Tenth District Court for Criminal Matters in the Federal District I was accused of various bribes, accusing me of having delivered amounts of money to public officials, issuing a conviction for said crimes, however, the people who received the goods that I supposedly gave them, in various courts, proceedings were initiated and all were acquitted, my defense exhibited the certified copies of these sentences, which They were not taken into consideration by the judge and I was sentenced for all these crimes. Later they released my co-defendants since most of them were granted provisional release on July 17, 1991 and were never detained again. 
Likewise, on October 21, 1992, my co-defendants Arturo Moreno Espinoza and Robespierre Lizárraga Coron he, are acquitted when the crime of bribery was not proven, even those who were public servants were reinstated to their functions, however due to judicial irregularities the undersigned does face said processes, being sentenced for the crime of bribery against those mentioned without them have been found guilty, highlighting that in the doctrine for the crime of bribery to subsist it is necessary for there to be two participants “the one who receives and the one who gives” a situation that did not occur and despite the fact that the acquittal of Moreno Espinoza and Lizárraga Colonel, the judge handed down a conviction for a crime allegedly committed, where they are acquitted and the undersigned is sentenced; For this process, I was sentenced to 40 years, which accumulated the crimes of which were not proven and some were of the state order, since they were fabricated with the sole intention of retaining the undersigned in a trial plagued by arbitrariness and irregularities.
It is also highlighted that I asked the judge who handled my case to physically see weapons and drugs, and he requested the Attorney General of the Republic, the Attorney General of the Republic argued that he had consigned the weapons to the Army, and the drugs to the Secretary of Health, two letters were made requesting them to exhibit them and the General Directorate of War Materials answered by letter 24456/2003 dated November 11, 2003, said: 
“I would like to inform you that after an exhaustive search in the aforementioned Warehouses dependent on this address, it was not physically located, as well as any record that supports the receipt of the following weapons that are related to the Preliminary Investigation and Criminal Case mentioned before” 
For her part, the secretary of health declared by means of an official letter without a number with a presentation stamp before the Eighth District Court of Federal Criminal Proceedings on May 21, 2003, referring to: “there is no record of having received the confiscated drug related to the criminal case 103/86 (sic)”. 
Therefore, both agencies denied the existence of Weapons or Drugs related to the Criminal Case that was being filed against me. In the two processes in which I was unjustly sentenced, my innocence has been proven since everything was fabricated and the evidence that proves it has been added and that has been ignored by the authorities in charge of imparting justice. 
Now that I have been granted the request for confinement made by the human rights defender who, in a humanitarian manner, without economic interest, the Attorney General of the Republic Alejandro Gertz Manero issued instructions to his subordinates so that in any way or by any means they would do the impossible to not being confined to home by filing all kinds of resources that occurred to them, I even request the Nullity of the incident that granted the precautionary measure.
Mexicans! You can also have a misfortune like mine when you are unjustly prosecuted.