“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Four bodies were left on the streets of the town of Monte Escobedo, Zacatecas, all showing signs of torture and wearing caps with letters of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) on their sides.
The bodies were found in the early hours of Wednesday morning, minutes before the new head of the Public Security Secretariat, Arturo Medina Mayoral, was inaugurated in the capital of Zacatecas.
Preliminary information indicates that the four victims had gunshot wounds; at least two of them were tied with ropes by their hands and feet; all of them were lying face down.
Likewise, three of the victims had caps with letters alluding to the CJNG on them; one of them also had packaged food at his feet and on one side what looked like a caltrop. 
According to Imagen de Zacatecas, a major security operation is being carried out in the area and it is being investigated whether the place where the bodies were found corresponds to the homicide or if they were left there.
The areas where the bodies were found were in the Don Manuelito square, Martinez Lopez street and another one next to the Monte Escobedo library.
So far, the spokesperson for the State Peacebuilding Board hasn’t provided any information on the matter and the latest publication is about the Handover-Reception of the head of the SSP.