Ukrainian President Zelensky addressed the US Congress on Wednesday.


Zero Hedge: More Than Half Of House Republicans Didn’t Attend Zelensky’s Address 

More than half of House Republicans didn’t attend Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Wednesday night address to Congress, The Hill reported on Thursday. 

According to The Hill, 86 out of 213 House Republicans were at the Capitol for Zelensky’s speech. While some of the absences could be explained by lawmakers getting an early start on Christmas travel, as about a third of House members had active letters to vote by proxy on Wednesday, there is growing opposition to the policy of arming Ukraine among Republicans.  

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Update: Zelensky address meets divided House GOP preparing to grab purse strings (The Hill) 

WNU Editor: It makes no difference. The Republican leadership in the House and in the Senate are totally onboard in supplying money and weapons to Ukraine.