“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

The fate of five captured Cartel de Sinaloa assassins will soon come to an end. But before they are all simultaneously beheaded with machetes. The criminal events that lead to their capture will be spoken aloud on camera. 
Within their confession the name of a local deputy from the Morena political party is specifically mentioned. Yet another dirty politician in the pockets of organized crime enabling local extortions and abductions. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: Where were you guys detained?
Captive: By the Cantu bridge. 
Sicario: What were you doing there?
Captive: We were apprehending citizens with the Ministerial, State, and sector police. This was done because we had an agreement with them. They were being paid every month by us. 
Sicario: Who within the government authorities were supporting you guys?
Captive: We were being supported by the Ministerial policemen. Specifically commander Daniel Guzman Mejia aka La Trevi. And the individual from the State and sector police is Sabino Camacho Garcia. The leader of the organization is Wilmas Santizo. Along with deputy Jorge Villatoro Osorio aka El Pelón. 
Sicario: What were you doing within these days?
Captive: We were abducting people from the businesses. As well as kidnapping individuals from drug spots where marijuana and cocaine was being sold.  So that they would fall into formation with us. Whoever wouldn’t align with us was disappeared. It was by this manner that the citizens of Motozintla would pay us extortion. 

Warning: Graphic Video
Video translation is as follows: 
This goes out to all the son of a bitch Sinaloan gunmen who try to come kill here. 
The town of Motozintla already has a plaza, it has its owner you sons of bitches. Get the fuck out of here you fuckers. 
Motozintla has its owner already you sons of bitches. The next sons of bitches who try to come through here will meet a fate worse than this.