Politico: NATO prepares for cyber war 

More than 1,000 cyber professionals in NATO members and its allies across the globe participated in an exercise this week to test and strengthen cyber defenses. 

TALLINN, Estonia — Some 150 NATO cybersecurity experts assembled in an unimposing beige building in the heart of Estonia’s snow-covered capital this week to prepare for a cyberwar. It’s a scenario that has become all too real for NATO member states and their allies since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

The conflict has forced Ukraine to defend against both missile attacks and constant efforts by Russian hackers intent on turning off the lights and making life more difficult for their besieged neighbors. 

“There is a level of seriousness added; it’s not anymore so fictitious. It has become quite obvious those things are happening in reality,” Col. Bernd Hansen, branch head for Cyberspace at NATO Allied Command Transformation, said of the impact of the conflict in Ukraine.  

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WNU Editor: From what I am hearing and reading in Russia. The consensus is that NATO is already conducting cyber attacks against Russia …. Russian state-owned bank VTB hit by largest DDoS attack in its history (Reuters). More here …. Russia’s VTB Bank Suffers its Biggest Ever DDoS (Info-Security).