Anadolu Agency: 2-day meeting of NATO military chiefs begins in Brussels  

Evaluation of alliance’s support to Ukraine tops agenda 

A two-day meeting of NATO military chiefs to discuss a variety of issues, including the alliance’s support to Ukraine, started in Brussels on Wednesday. 

The session, which began after opening remarks by Adm. Rob Bauer, chair of the NATO Military Committee, and Mircea Geoana, NATO deputy secretary general, will be chaired by Bauer and attended by the allied military chiefs as well as their counterparts from invitees Finland and Sweden. 

“Unfortunately, we are seeing the dawn of a new era of collective defense. However, it is an era that NATO is ready for,” Bauer said. “We have shown the world that we are capable of quickly scaling up our presence whenever and wherever necessary.”  

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Update: NATO Chiefs of Defence meet in Brussels (NATO)  

WNU Editor: When this two-day meeting of NATO military chiefs is over later today (i.e. Thursday), the next big meeting will be a day later at the U.S. Ramstein Air Base in Germany …. Trans-Atlantic Rush of Meetings Ahead of Jan. 20 Ramstein Global NATO Defense Contact Group Summit (EIR). 

The main stream media is not giving the coverage of this meeting of NATO military chiefs that it deserves. You do not have this type of summit to discuss sending a few dozen tanks to Ukraine. You have this type of meeting to discuss waging war on a massive level. 

I hope I am wrong, but this Friday could be an inflection point for NATO’s direct involvement in the Russia – Ukraine war. Their rhetoric certainly tells me that they are ready …. NATO warns of extended war in Ukraine, vows to be ready (AP).