Nearly 50 per cent of imported Asian food ‘loaded with undeclared allergens’

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Food products imported from Asia are loaded with undeclared ingredients that can cause deadly allergic reactions, Australian researchers say.

Scientists tested 50 packaged foods purchased from six Asian grocery stores in Melbourne, finding 46 per cent contained an allergen that wasn’t listed on the label.

Even worse, 18 per cent of the products contained multiple unlisted allergens.

Study leader Andreas Lopata, from James Cook University, says the findings are alarming for people with severe food allergies, especially as food imports from Asia are steadily growing.

China was the source of products with the highest number of detectable, undeclared allergens, followed by Thailand and South Korea.

Those allergens included eggs, gluten, milk and peanuts, some in very high concentrations.

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Prof Lopata says food labelling was well regulated in Australia but that isn’t true in some Asian countries.

With the food trade from Asia to Australia increasing by about 2.5 per cent each year, he says consumers need to understand the risks.

“With the increasing number of food recalls and anaphylaxis recorded in Australia its very important that further action continues in the area of food allergen labelling for the protection of allergic consumers here,” Prof Lopata says.

“Hospital admissions for food-induced acute allergic reactions rose by about 350 per cent in Australia between 1997 and 2005 and increased a further 150 per cent over the next seven years to 2012.”

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