The Cover of the book that depicts multiple Fertility Wheels

The Cover of the book that depicts multiple Fertility Wheels

A picture of Steve

A picture of Steve

The Fertility Wheel, the Sun is how to align the wheel

The Fertility Wheel, the Sun is how to align the wheel

Provable New theory: 12 Zodiac signs hold agricultural message, sparking fresh perspectives.

UNITED STATES, February 19, 2024 / — The groundbreaking book Fertility Wheel by Stephen David Manning reveals the zodiac symbols in a whole new way, as simplified pictograms, each embodying the fundamental elements of fertility, farming, agriculture, and survival. These symbols summarize the core aspects of multiplying animals, cultivating crops, and understanding seasonal cycles and dangers in ancient times to create a perpetual farmers’ almanac or Fertility Wheel.

This profound transformation occurs when zodiac symbols align with the Sun, not the stars! Once aligned correctly, symbols turn into a practical agricultural almanac. This NEW interpretation promises a unique and grounded perspective, bridging the celestial with the essential facets of earthly survival and agricultural traditions.

Reading this book reveals this almost perfect guide or tool, the Fertility Wheel, meticulously crafted to understand the timing of basic farming principles initially used by ancient farmers, nomads, and shepherds. This guide can still be used today. The messages of surviving and thriving have now echoed through millennia.

Steve also created Fertility Wheel Astrology, a celestial compass designed not to predict individual destinies but to understand the timing of events and tasks on the farm.

This book also introduces a NEW perspective on the Chinese zodiac, the Yellow Emperor, and his creation of the lunisolar calendar. What if the animals should be on 29.5-day cycles and not 12-year cycles? Once you put the animals in their correct spots, the Chinese Zodiac also becomes a fertility wheel or agricultural almanac.

Utilizing the Fertility Wheel’s unlocked code, the items in the hands of deities in Hindu art possess agricultural and seasonal relevance. When these items are placed in the correct corresponding quadrant, these depictions become another version of the Fertility Wheel.

Stephen also draws connections between the descriptions of trees and the story of Adam and Eve, providing insightful viewpoints on the representation of agriculture in diverse ancient books and religions. Stephen shows four critical months for growing wheat and so much more.

Stephen seamlessly intertwines agriculture, religion, mythology, astronomy, history, and spirituality.

Get ready to unravel the secrets of ancient symbols as we question, contemplate, and discover their profound impact on diverse cultures.

Throughout the ages, great minds grappled with an elusive puzzle—the Zodiac. But it was Stephen who cracked the ancient code, aligning the zodiac correctly and achieving what seemed impossible. How? Instant knowledge at his fingertips revealed farming practices in the Fertile Crescent. Each symbol must occupy that specific time slot for a particular reason.

The Fertility Wheel can be found on Amazon,, and the eBook will be free from February 20 to 22.

This book is a unique creation with new ideas and revelations. Stephen emphasizes that for the integrity of his work, it must remain unaltered, so he self-published the book to ensure no alterations or changes would be made.

Stephen David Manning is a Member of the American Philosophical Association.

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This is an easy guide on how to align and use the Fertility Wheel. The Zodiac is actually a Fertility Wheel!

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