A funeral for Russian military serviceman. Vladimir Gerdo / TASS  

Meduza: Bring out your dead A joint investigation by Meduza and Mediazona reveals the true number of Russian soldiers killed so far in the invasion of Ukraine 

Roughly 47,000. That is how many Russian soldiers have died so far in the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, according to a joint study by journalists at Meduza and Mediazona and Tubingen University statistician Dmitry Kobak. Analyzing existing reports about published obituaries, mortality data from the Federal State Statistics Service, and extensive records from the National Probate Registry, we estimate that between 40,000 and 55,000 Russian men under the age of 50 died fighting in Ukraine by May 27, 2023. When factoring in the number of men wounded so seriously that they did not return to military service, Russia’s total casualty count rises to at least 125,000 soldiers, based on our calculations. (This figure does not include missing or captured soldiers or Ukrainian nationals fighting with Russian proxy forces based in Donetsk and Luhansk.)  

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Update #1: 47K Russian Troops Killed in Ukraine – Report — Moscow Times

Update #2: Nearly 50K Russian men have died in Ukraine war, nearly 9x larger than Russia’s official figure: new study — FOX News  

WNU Editor: This Russian number does not include soldiers who are classified as missing. There is also little if any accounting on what happened to those who were recruited from prison for Wagner. I have been told that those units suffered casualty rates in the 70% range. 

Bottom line. My sources in Russia tell me that 75,000 Russian soldiers have been killed in this war. 

On the other side my sources tell me that Ukraine started to suffer massive casualty numbers after September of last year. They estimate that the country has lost about 150,000 soldiers. 

Like Russia, missing in action numbers are not counted by Kyiv as KIA. 

When the war started one of my Ukrainian cousins started a Facebook page dedicated to missing Ukrainian soldiers. She stopped updating it early this year (she now lives in Canada), and I know she had a list (January 2023) of 35,000 missing Ukrainian soldiers.