Diagram showing how Terahertz Wands work with the body

How a Terahertz Wand works with the cells in the body

Information on how Terahertz Wands work with the cells in the body

Photo and description of how Terahertz Wands assist the cells in the body

A photo of two terahertz Wand models. The 6.0 and 7.0 models are top sellers

A look at the 6.0 and 7.0 Terahertz Wand models

New Terahertz Wand devices are using quantum scaler, quartz crystal, terahertz and FAR infrared technology to assist with a variety of health conditions.

Terahertz wands are small handheld devices which are bringing “med bed” type technology to the general public. These small hand held devices are being used to address a host of health issues.”

— Sean Callahan

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Energy and frequency based technology has a long history in the United States starting with pioneer scientist Nikola Tesla over 100 years ago. As technology continues to improve and move forward so to do the devices being made available to the public including a new device called a “Terahertz Wand“. Terahertz wands have been in production for nearly ten years although it is only recently they are starting to make their way to the general public. These “health and wellness” classified devices are using quantum scaler technology, quartz crystal, terahertz frequency and FAR infrared thus putting them into a “med bed” type technology.

The Terahertz wand has become very popular in the United States where American’s are using them for all types of health issues including stiffness, soreness, pain, swelling, inflammation and much more. The “THZ” devices as they are also referred to assist the body with improving cellular function, detoxification, better circulation and a host of other benefits that when applied to the body are show promise is assisting with many health related issues.

“Terahertz Wands send energy into the body via Neuropathways and thus give the body and the cells the energy they need to assist with rejuvenation.” said USA Med Bed marketing director Sean Callahan. The wands themselves provide energy the body needs to assist with helping all types of health issues. It is important to note that it is actually the body doing the work to make the necessary changes to help improve health and not the wands”, he said.

Terahertz devices are being used a lot with older generation people who seem to have lingering aches and pains and the word of mouth referrals and advertising is what is greatly promoting these products to others. Many times the purchase of a Terahertz Wand includes it being used by family members and friends which in turn produces more sales and referrals. Although the devices have not reached the mainstream yet they are gaining momentum as more and more people start hearing about them and the results they are getting. This product is now being promoted much through word of mouth while chiropractors, Reiki healers, massage therapists and Integrative health practitioners start adding these to their respective practices. The wands are being classified as “med bed” type technology because of the quantum scaler, FAR infrared and terahertz technologies being applied. The units are the size of a hair dryer and can focus their energy into a very small area and are ideal for knee, ankle, back, wrist and shoulder pain. At a starting cost of just $350 these units are also showing to be quite affordable also. Other reported benefits include reduction in wrinkles, improved skin tone, hair growth, Erectile dysfunction and many other health related issues.

As more energy and frequency based devices continue to come out and make their way to the general public so to are the number of options that people have to address arthritis, hair loss, back pain, Neuropathy and many other health issues. USA Med Bed, LLC is a health and wellness based technology company that is assembling frequency and energy based technology and offering it to the public in this fast growing field.

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Terahertz Wand model 7.0 – a top selling model

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