Last Updated on February 21, 2024

President Donald Trump’s campaign obliterated neocon Nimarata Nikki Haley in a new ad called “Intrigue,” which portrays Haley as a liar for claiming that she fought against the South Carolina gas tax.

“I fought the gas tax in South Carolina,” Haley says in a clip featured in the ad. “The Lie Exposed,” says the Trump commercial, which goes on to show evidence of Haley actually proposing an increase in the South Carolina gas tax.

Notably for Palmetto State drivers, Haley failed to significantly fix the roads in South Carolina during her governorship, and she also took down the Confederate flag from the state capitol.

Clearly, Trump is expected to win big in the South Carolina primary, adding to his sizable wins over Haley in Iowa and New Hampshire. The “None of these Candidates” option on the ballot even defeated Haley in the Nevada caucus.

Here is the Trump Team’s latest ad: