You remember the famous memo where 51 “intelligence officials” discredited the New York Post’s reporting on Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell.” They had no evidence that it was Russian disinformation, yet they claimed it “had all the earmarks” of a Kremlin operation, a bogus assertion that caused Big Tech to censor the Post, the media to run full-bore with the narrative, and then-candidate Biden to even lie about it during an October 2020 presidential debate.


All this occurred in the weeks before the 2020 vote, meaning that it was a clear example of real election interference.

Masters of deception:

Let Us Not Forget That Intel Letter That Influenced the Election

Incredible Video Shows Just How Far the Media and Deep State Went to Lie to Americans About Hunter Laptop

Remember this?

But lo and behold, federal prosecutors in Hunter Biden’s gun trial confirmed in May that the laptop was real and hadn’t been hacked—and that the FBI knew it. Has the media gotten down on their knees and apologized for being lying liars and for misinforming the electorate? Nope—crickets.

What about the “experts” behind the ruse? Folks like former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, former CIA Director John Brennan, and former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta? Have they shown any remorse or made any move to salvage their forever-stained reputations? Again, nope.

In fact, many are doubling down, including the Bond villain Clapper, who had a one-word answer when asked whether he would remove his name from the letter. 

“No,” former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper simply said, also declining to publicly remove his name from the letter or concede that those signing onto it should have waited longer for more information to develop.


If you can believe the gall, some are contending that the letter was “accurate”: 

“There continues to be by many a calculated or woefully ignorant interpretation of the October 2020 letter signed by fifty-one former intelligence officials concerning Hunter Biden’s laptop,” Mark S. Zaid, an attorney for seven other signatories, said in a statement to The Post first shared with Fox.

“A careful and objective reading of the document reflects that even today its content is accurate,” added Zaid, who is representing former CIA officers Ronald Marks, Marc Polymeropoulos, Emile Nakhleh, Paul Kolbe, John Sipher and Gerald O’Shea, as well as ex-Defense Intelligence Agency deputy director Douglas Wise.

But the most jaw-dropping line of all is when Zaid says we all should have signed onto this dirty disinformation campaign:

“It served as nothing more than a warning letter of what we have known for decades: certain foreign governments — including Russia — continue to try and actively interfere in our domestic affairs and our guard must remain vigilant,” Zaid also said. “Every patriotic American should have signed that letter.” [Bolding mine.]

Are you kidding me?!

How about Leon Panetta, we can trust him, right? Of course not. He said back in October 2023 (when anyone with a pulse knew that laptop was real, even if it hadn’t been confirmed by the DOJ yet) that he had “no regrets.” What an honorable guy.


I have yet to see a recent reaction yet from Brennan, but based on his previous history, if he does comment, he will simply lie until the cows come home.

These are awful, cynical people who were willing to deceive the public to sway a historic election in favor of their preferred candidate. Knowing who they are, it’s not surprising that they would show no shame—yet it’s nevertheless startling to see them try to gaslight us into believing that the letter is still accurate and that signing it was a “patriotic” act. Disgusting.