Last Updated on November 16, 2022

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner was impeached by the Pennsylvania House Wednesday with 107 representatives voting yes and 87 voting no. A trial will now be held in the Senate at a later date. The impeachment comes as Philadelphia is on pace for more than 500 homicides for the second straight year, just below last year’s record-setting murder total.

Krasner — who previously survived a primary challenge from a fellow Democrat who argued that Krasner’s “criminal justice reform” initiatives have gone too far and emboldened criminals — released a statement after his impeachment.

“In the hundreds of years the Commonwealth has existed, this is the only time the House has used the drastic remedy of impeachment of an elected official because they do not like their ideas,” reads a statement from Krasner’s office.

Krasner accused representatives who voted in favor of impeachment did so without a “single shred of evidence” that his policies have led to more crime. “Each Philadelphia voter is not just 3/5ths of a voter. Philadelphia is not Pennsylvania’s colony. Philadelphians get taxation AND representation. Philadelphians’ votes, and Philadelphia voters, should not be erased,” the statement continued.


“History will harshly judge this anti-democratic authoritarian effort to erase Philly’s votes – votes by Black, brown, and broke people in Philadelphia. And voters will have the last word.”

Pennsylvania Republicans have claimed that Krasner’s “criminal justice reform” policies have led to an increase in crime. The Soros-backed D.A. has also been accused of obstructing a committee investigation by refusing to comply.

Under Larry Krasner — who took office in 2018 — Philadelphia’s violent crime rate has exploded, far outpacing nationwide spikes in crime that started in 2020 and continue through 2022. Philadelphia now has the highest murder rate among the nation’s ten largest cities and is set to finish 2022 just under its grisly record of 559 homicides on the previous year.

In 2017, the city recorded 289 homicides.

The City of Brotherly Love has also seen a massive increase in other violent crimes since Krasner took office. Carjacking have nearly tripled since 2019, with Philadelphia PD recording 750 in 2021. That figure is expected to be higher by the end of 2022.

In 2019, the department recorded 230 carjackings.

Critics have pointed to Larry Krasner’s focus on “bail reform” and “criminal justice reform” for the rise in crime. Under his leadership, numerous violent criminals have been left on the street only for them to kill again. Most recently, one of four gunmen in an ambush killing of a high school football student was on the streets despite killing a pregnant woman’s baby in an illegal street race.

In another recent example, a convicted murderer who was exonerated eight years into his prison sentence by Krasner’s Conviction Integrity Unit was arrested for second-degree murder after allegedly killing again. Jahmir Harris, 33, was released from prison last year, only to be picked up for allegedly taking part in another murder in October of this year.

Krasner — a proponent of strict gun control — has also failed to secure a conviction in more than 50% of gun cases.

In order for Larry Krasner’s removal to officially proceed, a two-thirds majority will be required in the Pennsylvania Senate. Republicans currently possess a sizable majority in the senate, but a handful of Democrats will have to vote across the aisle for the impeachment to proceed.

The House vote broke down along party lines after a handful of Democrats previously signaled that they would consider voting yes.

On Tuesday, a Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee voted in favor of articles of impeachment against Krasner.

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