Daily Mail: Chinese spy balloon selfie: Pentagon releases U2 pilot’s cockpit picture of Beijing’s surveillance craft as it flew over United States sparking crisis for Biden before he ordered it shot down over Atlantic 

* A photo of the spy balloon from a previously unseen angle has been released 

* The Chinese spy craft was shot down off the coast of South Carolina this month 

* The balloon is thought to have achieved altitudes of 60 to 70,000 feet 

The Pentagon has released a selfie taken by the pilot of a US Air Force U2S Dragon Lady who was surveilling the Chinese spy balloon as it traveled across American airspace earlier this month. 

During the balloon’s flight, it was regularly followed by US spy planes before being shot down over the South Carolina coastline on the orders of President Joe Biden on February 4. 

The selfie was taken on February 3, when the balloon was close to Kansas. Prior to the picture’s release, CNN reported that the selfie had achieved ‘legendary status’ within the US-Canadian North American Aerospace Defense Command and the Pentagon.  

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WNU Editor: That is a lot of equipment being carried by this Chinese “spy” balloon. 

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