White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was grilled on the question of the classified documents found at Joe Biden’s Penn Biden office. I don’t think they’d even heard yet that even more documents had been found.

But it did not go over well for Jean-Pierre, particularly the grilling on why the American people hadn’t been told when the first set of documents was found back on November 2, shortly before the election.

Translation: were the Democrats once again covering something up from the American people to affect an election?

Jean-Pierre refused to even say when Biden had been told/briefed on the find.

She also refused to say why they didn’t tell us in November, almost getting into a confrontation with CBS’ Ed O’Keefe and saying they didn’t need to “have this kind of confrontation.”

It’s under review by the DOJ, she claims. Which doesn’t prevent her from telling us why they didn’t tell us in November. Unless they simply need an excuse as to why they were trying to cover it up before the election.

KJP claimed they released information that was “very transparent.”

Except that it wasn’t at all transparent, she’s still not even saying when he was briefed and why they hid it from us for months.

She also couldn’t assure us that there weren’t still more documents out there.

Another reporter asked one heck of a great question: which was why was Biden’s personal lawyer packing up his office? Was he looking for something?

That’s an excellent question. There’s a lot that needs answering here. Biden hasn’t worked for Penn since 2019. So why were they packing up the office in Nov. 2022, and why was a personal lawyer sent? Personal lawyers don’t usually pack up offices, not when you have to pay them hundreds of dollars an hour. That would suggest that there was a reason that lawyer was there. Did someone else find the documents first and call the lawyer? And now, this also exposed the classified documents to that personal lawyer.

But it was Fox’s Peter Doocy who brought down the house with his question and you have to see KJP’s face in reaction, it’s priceless. Check out her eyes, it’s wonderful.

“How could anyone be that irresponsible?” Doocy said, reminding KJP that’s what Biden said about President Donald Trump. “Isn’t that what this president says about mishandling classified documents?” He left her speechless for a moment.

She keeps saying Biden was surprised like that’s a defense. No, that makes it worse that he claims he has no idea where such important documents are after he presumably removed them when he left office and failed to properly secure them for at least six years.

And now we see there’s “at least” a second set, who knows how many more?

It looks like even some of the reporters other than Doocy weren’t buying the spin on this one.

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