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Hitmen threatened to kill Edgar Gerardo Aguilar Quintana, regional head of the FGR of CdMx, supposedly for stealing drugs

This Thursday, journalist Antonio Nieto released a video in which a group of hitmen threatened to kill Edgar Gerardo Aguilar Quintana, regional head of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) in Mexico City.

Apparently, it was due to a betrayal of the agreements that Aguilar supposedly had with the criminal group, which has not been identified.

The group’s messenger indicated that the video is addressed to the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to report his annoyance with the FGR official through an alternative means.

“In the month of April 2023 [Aguilar] broke into one of our properties along with his elements. On that occasion, they presented a search warrant with which they entered and seized 620 kilos of cocaine,” highlighted a hooded man without informing about the location of the property.

“Not content with just taking the drugs, they beat the workers, leaving them seriously injured […] We managed to recover [the drugs] through direct negotiation with Edgar Gerardo Aguilar Quintana, to whom we gave a large amount of money so that he would give it back to us,” the man added.

Apparently, the criminal group found out some time later that the order presented in that operation by the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) was false and they accused the agent of having robbed them, but they let it pass, “since we’re still doing business with him by buying drugs that are confiscated at a good price.”

Aguilar allegedly orchestrated a new simulated operation to take 800 kilos of drugs, “It was useless to hand over 500,000 dollars every month in your own hand so that you would let us work,” he said, since the money deliveries were allegedly made in the garden located next to the FGR building, in the Doctores neighborhood.

“This time you blatantly said that the drugs could not be recovered since these were orders from higher up. However, you sold the same drug that you stole from us to other people without going through the trouble of changing the logos, much less the seals,” is heard in the video.

Apparently, after the last seizure, Aguilar Quintana boasted of the protection he enjoyed as an element of the FGR, because of this the criminals chose to intimidate him.

“We have decided to kill you and we want to see that the person you boasted so much about comes and brings you back to life […] Your death is something inevitable and non-negotiable, this group that you see is designed to fulfill our objective. If you want to try acting slick we won’t hold back from killing your family,” he warned.

However, until now no authority has commented on the matter. In addition, the date on which the material was recorded, as well as the identity of those involved, is unknown.

Mexico City, CDMX

Diario Puntal  Antonio Nieto