Last Updated on March 5, 2024

President Donald Trump did not waste words in his message to his opponent Joe Biden after the Supreme Court allowed Trump’s name to appear on the ballot in Colorado in the 2024 election. A sinister campaign to delete Trump from the ballot threatened the fabric of our Republic, but Trump was able to win this latest challenge in a unanimous SCOTUS decision.

“Fight your fight yourself,” President Trump said to Joe Biden, demanding that Biden refrain from using weaponized government tentacles to damage Trump in a bid to compensate for Biden’s hemorrhaging support.

President Trump also commanded Biden to close the border immediately, but Trump’s command will likely not be fulfilled so long as Biden occupies the office where Trump used to work. If Trump gets the job back, he can close the border and stop the globalist migrant invasion.

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President Trump is leading the field and independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is ahead among independents in the latest Fox News poll, which was conducted between February 25 and February 28. The poll again demonstrates that Joe Biden is sinking fast with the American people and only populist candidates Trump and Kennedy are surging.

Trump leads in the Fox News poll with 41 percent support to Joe Biden’s 38 percent, Kennedy’s 13 percent, and progressive challenger Cornel West’s 3 percent.

Among independents, Kennedy leads with 29 percent compared to Biden’s 25 percent, Trump’s 24 percent, and Cornel West’s 8 percent.

Trump leads among under-30 voters with 39 percent to Biden’s 32 percent and Kennedy clocks in at 19 percent for that demographic.

The Fox News poll is generally consistent with other major general election polls, which show Trump leading Biden and Kennedy in a Ross Perot-type situation at this point, capable of surging toward real contention but also vulnerable to getting swamped by big-party spending against him as the months go on.

Kennedy made waves by grabbing 34 percent of under-30 voters (leading both Trump and Biden) in the New York Times/Siena poll back in November.

Populism is on the rise and the race is on!