A banner bearing the same messages Usman Khawaja had written on his shoes has been taken down by security during the first Test between Australia and Pakistan in Perth.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) forbade Khawaja from wearing shoes bearing the inscriptions “all lives are equal” and “freedom is a human right” on the field of play before the match.

The Australia opener had wanted to display the messages in the wake of the growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Instead, he has worn a black armband and has taped over the writings on his shoes.

The issue resurfaced on Sunday when a spectator who had displayed a banner with the same words caught the attention of security.

Measuring more than 5 metres in length, the banner was hung over the railing on the fifth level at the southern end of the venue.

Spectators are escorted from the stadium by security at the Australia vs Pakistan Test in Perth.

Spectators were evicted by security after unfurling the banner.(AAP: Richard Wainwright)

The spectator drew further attention by chanting pro-Palestine slogans, with security quickly furling up the banner and escorting the man out of the stadium.

Other people were also escorted out of the venue.

“A sign was removed because it contravened Cricket Australia’s terms and conditions of entry,” Optus Stadium said in a statement.

“Some patrons were removed because of antisocial behaviour, not because of the sign.”

“This is close to my heart,” Khawaja said on social media.

“When I see thousands of innocent children dying without any repercussions or remorse, I imagine my two girls. What if this was them? No one chooses where they’re born.”