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Daily Mail: Putin issues threat to US: Vladimir says ‘we will deploy more than tanks’ and warns ‘we have friends on American continent’ as he claims Russia is ‘again’ threatened by German tanks at WW2 ceremony 

* Russian president threatened the full use of Russia’s arsenal against the West 

* He said Germany has ‘threatened’ Moscow by pumping tanks into Ukraine 

Vladimir Putin has ramped up the rhetoric against the West, saying he is prepared to use ‘more than just tanks’, after feeling ‘threatened’ by NATO’s military package to Ukraine. 

In a fiery speech in Volgograd to mark the 80-year anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad, Putin said he was ready to draw on Russia’s entire arsenal, which includes nuclear weapons, in retaliation to the West’s ‘aggression’. 

The tyrant said: ‘We don’t send our tanks to their borders but we have the means to respond, and it won’t end with the use of armoured vehicles, everyone must understand that. A modern war with Russia will be completely different.’  


WNU Editor: My father was at the Battle of Stalingrad. He was in the northern flank in command of an artillery unit at the age of 20. The battle for this city resulted in 2 million casualties. Lighting a candle tonight in their memory.

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