Last Updated on November 28, 2022

The wildly successful conservative music artist, Bryson Gray, was kicked off of a BBC radio program for Scotland Radio over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend after raising the question of how Kanye West’s statements about Jewish people owning all three major American record labels could be seen as antisemitic. Gray asked why simply pointing this out is labeled as antisemitism.

Gray, a faithful Christian, and a Torah Keeper, posted about what happened to him on Twitter and then spoke with National File about how he would have liked to follow up on his statement- if he had not been censored and kicked off of the show.

This is what he would have said.

Gray wanted to talk about Proverbs 17:15. He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous are both alike an abomination to the LORD.

“That verse alone would condemn Jewish record executives from promoting such things as the evil music and evil messaging they pump out, so I see a separation from the Jewish people there,” Gray told National File. “That is what I would have said Scotland Radio.”

Gray brought up Revelation 2:9 “I know thy tribulation, and thy poverty (but thou art rich), and the blasphemy of them that say they are Jews, and they are not, but are a synagogue of Satan. “

Gray told National File that the record execs could not claim to be upholding the Jewish religious faith because what they are doing with music that glorifies rape, theft, lying, and hating God, in his opinion, is against the Jewish word of God.

Here is how Gray described what happened with the radio program after they invited him on and brought up Kanye:

Gray is all about free speech, and in his music, he often defends the idea that everyone should have access to speaking freely.

“Most people think that most people are good. I believe most people are bad because the overwhelming majority of people allow their selfishness to control them. Most people, not all, are solely out for themselves. This is inevitable when a society becomes more secular and godless. They treat themselves like gods because they think they’re the end all be all. They don’t want free speech for others because that is hard,” Gray told National File.

Gray’s music is heavy on Freedom of Speech and battling what he says is evil messaging and brainwashing from today’s music industry.  He and Kanye agree on that.  That theme is nothing new, looking back on other popular music such as George Michael’s Freedom and Rockwell’s I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me.

Given his subject matter, many argue that Gray should be the perfect person to talk about how the music industry is treating music, but instead, he is censored on multiple platforms like Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify.

And he isn’t blaming religious Jews or Hebrews for suppressing free speech and positive, Christian themes in music, but he is talking about the people he sees doing it.  Three of them happen to have Jewish backgrounds.

Gray tried to talk about it on Scotland Radio when the question was asked of him:

“I told them I didn’t see how what Kanye said was in any way antisemitic.  I did some research and the top three record labels are own by Jewish people,” Gray told National File, adding, “I guess because Scotland Radio is owned by the BBC, they are afraid of losing their jobs over comments about Jews.  I don’t have any other explanation for why I was just kicked off the show like that.  I would have liked to respond more.”

Here is what Gray said he found:

“The CEO of Universal Music Group is Lucian Grainge. Warner Music Group’s Chairman is Michael Lynton and the vice chairman Len Blavatnik. Sony Music Entertainment’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer is Andrew Lack,” Gray said in an email to National File, adding:

According to open-source documents, all three men are called Jewish.

Lucian’s bio says he was “raised Jewish.”

Blavatnik’s bio says he “belonged to a Jewish family’.

Lack’s bio says he was ‘born to a Jewish family”.

Gray’s point of view is that it is not antisemitic to point out that these three men are considered Jewish, but he wanted to add that calling them Jewish doesn’t mean that they are practicing a religion.

“I wanted to talk about how back in the old days, if you didn’t follow what the Bible or the Torah said, you would have been excommunicated, you wouldn’t have been part of the tribe,” Gray told National File about his beliefs, adding,

“These people who are censoring us on both sides of these conversations, but how many of them are actual practicing Jewish people?” Gray asked.

“Oh wait, none of them are- so they are separated from the Jewish community by the way they push their work-and they are putting out evil music with evil messages,” the rapper said, answering his own question.

“Jews are not monolithic, and that is all Jews, including religious Jews.  But religious Jews are not the ones on the record labels.  I used to say secular Jews, meaning people who have separated from religious Jews, but that is not even what they are they are- they say they are Jews, but they are not.  They are people don’t who don’t care about free speech- they only care about their side being heard and censoring everyone else, and they are using the antisemitism label to get what they want,”  Gray told National File.

“Too many religious Jews are coddling the people who are censoring free speech in their name,” Gray closed by telling National File that Scotland Radio didn’t follow up with him after shutting him down off the show.

Gray did release an album last week with some new jams about.. free speech- God, Family , Country-“That is all the stuff I want to talk about- I made this album for anyone to listen to and for people who want to understand our point of view, without overt politics,” he said.

You can find his new album on the top of Amazon rap charts.

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