Last Updated on September 6, 2023

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer has revealed that the United States Government under Joe Biden is sending American neo-Nazis and domestic terrorists to fight as mercenaries in Ukraine, where they act as confidential informants on behalf of American intelligence and commit war crimes by murdering Russian-speaking civilians. The practice extends back to the days of the Obama Administration when the United States backed a neo-Nazi-dominated color revolution in Ukraine that overthrew that nation’s elected government. Now, the very same neo-Nazis are returning to the United States where they’re staging public rallies and operating above the law with the apparent backing of their federal handlers.

The earth-shattering revelations have come to light in the wake of a Florida neo-Nazi rally, where members of the “Blood Tribe” and the “Goyim Defense League” waved Swastika flags and pledged their allegiance to both Ukraine and Joe Biden. Laura Loomer reported from the scene of the rally and quickly became a target of the Biden-backed neo-Nazis, who’ve issued public threats against her.

Loomer says that she is now revealing her journalistic findings in the interest of both her own personal security and the national security of the United States.

“I have conducted an investigation and I believe that for the sake of National Security, public interest, and now my own personal safety I need to immediately release and publish what I have uncovered about the United States Government’s involvement in recruiting violent American Nazis, White Supremacists, and domestic terrorists and turning them into mercenaries and confidential informants in Ukraine to fight against Russians and kill civilians,” Loomer wrote in a post made on the X platform.

“Upon their return to the US, some of these Nazis are now engaging in perpetuating hate crimes and other felonies in the US, and they appear to be protected by our government from serving prison time, have received delayed prison time, and even reduced prison time,” Loomer’s post went on.

Among the neo-Nazis working with the Biden Regime and US intelligence agencies is Kent “BoneFace” McLellan, a violent felon who, by his own admission, was recruited by the CIA after being arrested on domestic terrorism charges.

In 2014, the US Department of Defense funded McLellan’s travel to Ukraine where he joined the Ukrainian nationalist group “Right Sector” and, eventually, the notorious Azov Battalion, an openly neo-Nazi Ukrainian fighting force funded by the United States that is notorious for murdering civilians and torturing their prisoners of war, among other things.

As a reward for his “service” in Ukraine, McLellan was given Ukrainian citizenship and was even awarded by the United States government in 2022 with a US Army Expeditionary Medal, which is designated for American soldiers who’ve participated in US military operations overseas.

According to Loomer’s reporting, photographs of McLellan in Ukraine have been authenticated through forensic analysis and indicate that McLellan committed war crimes alongside his Nazi comrades.

“My investigation has uncovered Social media posts [McLellan] posted in which he posed for a picture, in Ukraine while wearing an Azov Battalion uniform, next to the dead body of a civilian,” reported Loomer. “The image, which I sent to a forensic analyst for verification, has been authenticated.”

What’s more, is that Lomer spoke on the phone to McLellan after her personal cell phone number was leaked to the neo-Nazi and Loomer says that McLellan confessed to various crimes during their conversation.

“I received a phone call from Kent BoneFace McLellan at 1am last night after someone leaked my personal cell phone number to him…During the phone call I had with McLellan last night, he gave me confessions of various crimes,” Loomer reported.

“Here is the evidence of what our US government is doing in #Ukraine. These are WAR CRIMES,” says Loomer. 

“I have a responsibility to share this damning information I have uncovered with the world.”

Read More in the Thread Below and Watch McLellan’s Interaction with Florida Police, who Confirm his Connections to the Federal Government: 

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