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RT: Drone targets another Russian airfield – governor 

A fuel tank caught fire following an attack in Kursk Region, which borders Ukraine 

An airfield in the city of Kursk has been targeted in a drone attack, according to the governor of the southwestern Russian border region. The strike comes just one day after two Russian airbases in Ryazan and Saratov Regions far from the border were targeted with similar weapons. 

As a result of a drone attack, an oil storage tank caught fire in the area of the Kursk airfield. The fire is being localized. All emergency agencies are on site,” Kursk Region Governor Roman Starovoyt said in a Telegram post on Tuesday morning around 7:20am local time.  

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Update #1: LIVE UPDATES: Oil Tank Caught Fire Near Russia’s Kursk Region Airfield After Drone Attack – Governor (Sputnik) 

Update #2: Drone attack ignites oil storage near airfield in Kursk, governor reports (TASS)  

WNU editor: It is early morning in Moscow, and it is only now that Russian news media is covering yesterday’s Ukraine drone attack on Russian strategic nuclear forces at the Engels-2 airbase. And the coverage they are giving this story is to downplay it in the same manner that Western media was downplaying it yesterday. 

But on Russian social media the mood is completely different. 

Many in Russia believe this attack on one of its nuclear triads was known and green-lighted by Washington. That for all intents and purposes. The U.S. and its NATO partners are now deliberately targeting and attacking Russia’s nuclear forces. 

I cannot tell you enough on how dangerous the situation is becoming. 

And now more Ukraine drone attacks are being reported. 

One more note. When these attacks were happening Putin was on the Crimea Bridge inspecting the repair work that was being done from October’s attack. Putin then basically disappeared and has not been seen since. Something tells me that he flew out of Crimea in Russia’s Doomsday plane, and is now underground somewhere.