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BBC: Ukraine war: Russian Ambassador Andrei Kelin issues warning of escalation in Ukraine 

Russia has warned Western supplies of weapons to Ukraine risk escalating the war to levels not seen so far. 

Andrei Kelin, Russia’s ambassador to the UK, told the BBC his country had “enormous resources” and it was yet to “act very seriously”. His remarks come despite more than a year of fighting and widespread evidence of Russian war crimes. 

In the interview with Laura Kuenssberg, he suggested he was offended when challenged about Russia’s conduct. 

Speaking exclusively to the BBC, Mr Kelin warned of a “new dimension” in the war. 

Insisting Russia “hasn’t just started yet to act very seriously”, the ambassador said “Russia is 16 times bigger than Ukraine. We have enormous resources.”  

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WNU Editor: Russian Ambassador Andrei Kelin is saying an uncomfortable truth. Ukraine cannot match the resources and manpower that Russia has. It is not even close. 

And while NATO can supply a lot of military hardware and munitions to Ukraine, the big crisis that is happening in Ukraine right now is manpower. Everyone I know who is still in Ukraine are telling me the same story. Ukraine is running out of combat capable men to send to the front-lines. 

 The full BBC interview with Russian Ambassador Andrei Kelin is below:

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